New Material On The Way For Cold Chisel in 2015

Cold Chisel will release a brand new album in 2015.
Jimmy Barnes has confirmed that the band is already nine songs deep into the next record and that it will most likely be released in mid-2015.

“We started recording a new record with Kevin Shirley,” Jimmy tells “He really knows how to work this band really well. He knows how to grab a performance fast. One of the things Cold Chisel is really good at is playing live and if we have to redo things over and over again, it starts to get staid. We don’t have to do that with Kevin”.
Cold Chisel record every moment they are together. “The minute we walk into rehearsal the red button is on and everything we do is recorded,” Jimmy says. “Sometimes its like when we are writing the songs that is the take we use. We’ve got a bunch of songs that are all great already. We are all writing. Don has written some crackers, some really beautiful melodies. Hopefully we will finish it in March after we do the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide and a couple of other shows around the place. That will be released mid-year”.
Jimmy will also record a new soul album for release in 2015 as well.

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