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SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Bielfield goes one on one with the very talented Miami, New York and Sydney based artist Bielfield!f8aa633f0f11048cd1aab6df07823309
Tell us how it all started. What had you first interested in music?
As long as I can remember I sang songs.  I actually have home videos of me at age 2 belting in the highest chest voice you can imaging over my sister (poor thing) to Disney songs. When I was 8, the Florida Grand Opera took an interest in having me sing the solos in their productions, and all of the sudden it became a career.

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Bielfield ‘Blow My Mind’

‘Boom And Bust’ is the brand new 6 track EP from Bielfield featuring this latest single Blow My Mind, his debut single ‘Frequency’ which was released in September last year and the LGBT anthem, ‘Kings & Queens’. Producer/songwriter Louis Schrool praises the uniqueness of this project. “Bielfield’s vocal ability is like no other. He’s got 5 octaves, so he can literally sing anything. It’s a joy … Continue reading NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Bielfield ‘Blow My Mind’

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NEW MUSIC: Drake Jensen ‘Wherever Love Takes Us’

As Australia grapples with issues surrounding same sex marriage and the current impact of a hurtful debate on the rights of the LGBTI community, 95a2a84d-2801-4cd5-b259-aab1183971a3Canada’s Drake Jensen has already walked the path.

With singles and airplay already under his belt, it was the dedication of his single‘On My Way to Finding You’ in 2012 to Ottawa teenager Jamie Hubley (who committed suicide after severe bullying) that cemented Drake Jensen as not only an accomplished musician, but also a courageous one, coming out to the notoriously conservative country music establishment in a big way.

Now in 2016, Jensen has released a brand new track ‘Wherever Love Takes Us’, an ode to love in all its forms and a reminder to his fans in Australia of the universality of the world’s most powerful force.

“My early-life story is one that’s punctuated by abuse at home, bullying at school and repressing who I truly was. It was when I saw the appalling story of Jamie that I realised that his story wasn’t that far from my own and many, many other LGBTI teenagers who are struggling with who they are and to find acceptance in a world that simply doesn’t understand.” Continue reading “NEW MUSIC: Drake Jensen ‘Wherever Love Takes Us’”

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SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Fly By Midnight catches up with New York retro pop group Fly By Midnight.

Tell us how it all started. What had you first interested in music?

          Slavo: Justin and I were introduced to each other through a production team, that we still work with to this day, called TE Music group. I had moved to NY from FL for music and was looking for a project to become a part of. Justin was working on his solo career at the time and I started to work on some of his productions. One night we decided to get together and write a little jam called “Brooklyn”. Little did we know that our first co-write would organically turn into a killer friendship/duo – Fly By Midnight. As far as what got me into music, I remember I was at a Christmas party at a young age and a friend of mine had the whole rooms attention playing a simple song on the guitar. At that moment I knew I wanted to do music.

          Justin: That’s my favorite part of Fly By Midnight. Everything we do, even the way the project was created, was never forced or manufactured. Just a couple of dudes who vibe really well as writers & performers. I’ve always loved music, but starting back in theater productions in middle school I loved the idea of captivating an audience. Fast forward to me in high school, new to singing pop music, embarrassingly baggy clothes, and an awkward haircut. Posted my first video on YouTube and it’s all kind of been uphill from there. *laughs* Continue reading “SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Fly By Midnight”


SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Andrew Shapiro’s special interview with Andrew Shapiro.

Tell us how it all started. What had you first interested in music? An early childhood memory puts me on a beach on the Long Island Sound (just north of New York City) with my mom who bumped into a friend who suggested a recorder classtatic1-squarespaces in the neighbouring town of Scarsdale. It came easy to me so I soon graduated to the clarinet after that.

What motivates or influences you in your quest to make great music? It’s just something that I HAVE to do, you know? People say that one should really only make this kind of life for themselves—and it’s not easy, I can tell you that—if they really and truly can’t fathom a life where they’d be doing anything else.

What are your biggest goals you hope to accomplish as an artist? I came very close to scoring a big Hollywood film once, but the project went belly-up. So that was a bummer. I’d love to score a film(s) with a budget to use an orchestra. Would really love to do that. So there’s one goal.

Success, what is the secret to it? I’m just trying to write music, play music and make friends. And as long as I keep doing that I’ll be fine. Continue reading “SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Andrew Shapiro”

NEW MUSIC: Golden Coast ‘Comeback Kid’

Golden Coast lace up their gloves and deliver a new single. “Comeback Kid” sports the best of everything this duo has to offer: a danceable beat, hooky leads, anthemic sing-along breaks and just the right amount of head nod. Golden Coast conjures up its California namesake with danceable drums, sunny synths, verby guitars and just enough rasp in the falsetto to offset the levity.  The duo made the trek from the mountains of Colorado and the San Jacinto desert to Los Angeles nearly a decade ago, met in college while producing and writing for various artists before finally deciding to team up and release a project of their own.  Golden Coast combines the best of both their skill-sets: a mixture of electronic and organic instruments, tight production, and sanguine themes set to no shortage of instantly hooky melodies.
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NEW MUSIC: SIGNAL ‘Mountain Beach’

SIGNAL’s debut single “Mountain Beach” is a slinky understated masterpiece, replete with chattering 808 drums, swelling synths and a widescreen cinematic depth that drags you inexorably into it’s sublime melancholy funk. Classy and very very catchy..

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NEW MUSIC: Sannie ‘In The Morning’

Mornings are tough. It’s the day’s most delicate time frame, so you’ve got to set the right mood instantly to ensure your day doesn’t end up lost. Luckily, we’ve got one hell of a track to get you going. Take in the immaculate vibes that pour out of Sannie’s ‘In The Morning’ or and you’re set to take on the day.

Coming to new Australian label Double-Up Records via Armin Van Buuren’s ‘Armada Deep’ label, In The Morning debuted in the UK Cool Cuts Chart at #13. Continue reading “NEW MUSIC: Sannie ‘In The Morning’”

NEW MUSIC: NJ Taylor ‘Pop Army’

Montreal pop artist NJ Taylor is set to release the acoustic version of her self-titled debut EP on October 21, 2016. Collaborating with Los Angeles based songwriter Adien Lewis, the EP was co-produced with Ghislain “Gee” Brind’Amour (Rihanna, Karl Wolf) who also mixed and recorded it and mastered byGene Grimaldi (Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj).  Continue reading “NEW MUSIC: NJ Taylor ‘Pop Army’”