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Mar 23, 2017: #MorningShow989 with special guest Smith & Thell

On #MorningShow989 this week, Maria Jane Smith and Victor Thell from Smith & Thell join Brian Peel live on the phone from Stockholm, Sweden! Brian’s given the best intro to any interview he’s done on live radio thus far, there’s a sneak preview of the new album Soulprints along with the Australian premieres of Smith & Thell singles Row and Statue! All that plus your … Continue reading Mar 23, 2017: #MorningShow989 with special guest Smith & Thell

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#TheAussieWord Radio ‘New Music… Fresh Hits’

#TheAussieWord Radio ‘New Music… Fresh Hits’ New music…fresh hits from artists showcased at  The freshest sounds from Australia and the world. Follow @TheAussieWord Radio on Twitter and #TheAussieWord Radio on Spotify. Continue reading #TheAussieWord Radio ‘New Music… Fresh Hits’

NEW MUSIC: MAYA ‘What After Now’

Compelling future-soul vocalist, MAYA has today announced her thought-provoking new single, What After Now (out March 24), an earnest pledge to live in each passing moment.  Accompanying the track is an empowering, triumphant video that commands attention with its effortless cool, thanks to director Dayne Edward. To celebrate the chic release, MAYA will be performing a string of shows across Melbourne at Paris Cat on March 24, The Rising Sun on April 1 and The Toff In Town on April 25. Continue reading “NEW MUSIC: MAYA ‘What After Now’”

NEW MUSIC: Hunter Adams ‘How Do I Know’

How Do I Know is the second single lifted from Hunter Adams debut EP, Chrysalis, released digitally via Social Family Records.  A haunting ballad about unrequited love and of letting that love go, Hunter wears her heart on her sleeve, sharing the raw emotion and insecurity this song evokes. Continue reading “NEW MUSIC: Hunter Adams ‘How Do I Know’”

NEW MUSIC: Marc Vedo ft. Kylie Auldist ‘Ride Of Your Life’

Award-winning singer/songwriter Kylie Auldist is cementing her name on the world stage as Australia’s go-to girl for soul anthems.

Following on from last year’s successful fourth solo album Family Tree, Kylie is back in the booth and lending her titanic vocals and co-writing prowess to ‘Ride Of Your Life’ for UK house DJ/producer Marc Vedo.

Kylie’s echoey voice soars over a strong summery beat, making the track a must-have on any party playlist – from the beach to the dance floor. Reverb heavy and dripping in Miami pool party vibes, Vedo’s single perfectly utilises Kylie’s modern soul style.

Continue reading “NEW MUSIC: Marc Vedo ft. Kylie Auldist ‘Ride Of Your Life’”

SPECIAL INTERVIEW: RJ Thompson catches up with RJ Thompson.

Tell us how it all started. What had you first interested in music?
Going way way back my parents bought me a toy drum kit when I wasexclusive-interview-with-rj-thompson-01 only about 4 or 5. So my early years were spent learning how to annoy the neighbours! I was well into my teens before I picked up a guitar and started writing music.

What motivates or influences you in your quest to make great music?

Motivation always boils down to wanting to do the best for my family… my wife and little boy. As cheesy as it sounds everything I do is for them. In terms of musical influences, the musicians I work with influence me greatly. They are all phenomenal musicians and bring out the best in my writing.

What are your biggest goals you hope to accomplish as an artist?
My one and only goal is to write, record and release music that means something to me and that hopefully resonates with people. If that takes me to big or small crowds, I don’t mind. I want to be able to look back at my musical life down the line with pride knowing that everything came from the heart, and hopefully meant something to people.
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NEW MUSIC: Curtis Alto vs Sunbathers ‘Intimacy’

Proving to be a truly international affair, Belgian brother trio Curtis Alto have teamed up with American indie-rock band from the DMV, Sunbathers, on new single “Intimacy.” Out today via world’s largest dance label Spinnin’ Records, “Intimacy” combines captivating melodies and smooth guitar licks with a catchy vocal part in the drop.

From percussion, guitars, vocals, synth, and more, “Intimacy” is a unique genre conglomerate that fuses the best of melodic house with an indie vibe. The drop is made of organic instruments such as guitar and bass guitar. Continue reading “NEW MUSIC: Curtis Alto vs Sunbathers ‘Intimacy’”