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Apr 13, 2017: #MorningShow989 with special guest Marcella Detroit

On #MorningShow989 this week, US singer/songwriter Marcella Detroit joins Brian Peel live in studio for a special interview and co-host. This weeks show on 98.9 North West FM is a complete 2 hour #ThrowbackThursday extravaganza! Check out the podcast here! Don’t forget to head over to iTunes, subscribe to On Air with Brian Peel and leave us some feedback! Continue reading Apr 13, 2017: #MorningShow989 with special guest Marcella Detroit

Apr 6, 2017: #MorningShow989 with special guests Vox Eagle

On the show this week, Aussie/US electro indie pop group Vox Eagle join Brian Peel for a special interview on the phone from Colorado’s Rocky Mountains & Los Angeles! There’s a bunch of #ThrowbackThursday tunes, a second hour double-shot and listener messages from around the world. Check out the podcast!

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SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Vox Eagle goes one on one with Andy from Vox Eagle! 

Tell us how it all started. What had you first interested in music?

So Vox Eagle started in the back of a tour bus. Luke and I (Andy) were playing with another band doing and East coast West coast US tour and we started talking about working on some new Psych Dancey tunes. We had both grown up in musicpMla5meJal households and playing since we could walk so love all the old stuff Beach Boys, Beatles, Stones, Zep so wanted to take some of those influences and make some tunes you could listen to at a party or driving a car on a hot summers day.

What motivates or influences you in your quest to make great music?

Music motivates in itself. The relationship is non stop, I’m living (Andy) in a log cabin in the Colorado Rocky Mountains national park now so every day is focused around music. A walk up the mountain in the morning is a focus on lyrics. Days are working on songs and nights appreciating other musicians an reflecting on songs, listening to records or playlists.

I think as a musician I’ve always looked up to Jeff Buckley as a singer songwriter and a once in a lifetime artist. Robert Lowell as a poet certainly inspires from a lyrical senses.

I don’t know what id do if I wasn’t working on music, it pretty much consumes every thought from the moment I wake up to eyes shut still re working lyrics as I drift off to sleep. Continue reading “SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Vox Eagle”