NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Billy Fox ‘Avalanche’

Just before embarking on his East Coast tour, Sydney-based producer Billy Fox has revealed the accompanying music video for latest single ‘Avalanche’. The visual was put together by Spanish-based animator / director, Alberto Hernández Mérida and took over two months to create using stop motion animation. The clip features two handmade cutout characters that endure a series of hardships together.

Fox explains the link between the song and clip –

“I initially pictured a couple climbing a mountain engulfed by an avalanche; which was a metaphorical representation of being overwhelmed. I gave Alberto a brief, however told him to take creative license. He returned with the two protagonists I had envisioned and developed it all into a narrative that complimented the music and message beautifully. It’s easy to feel defeated, but knowing someone is there to face challenges with you can be solace enough in itself.”  

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