VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Wow Wow Wow Wow! Kylie Minogue Live In Melbourne Aphrodite ‘Les Folies’ Tour 2011

A VIDEO EXCLUSIVE! Join with me and share in the party as I take you through personal footage recorded by myself, shot over two nights at Rod Laver Arena. Recorded on Tuesday June 14th and Wednesday June 15th, watch our Aussie star Kylie Minogue walk the walk and strut her stuff on her turf, her home – Melbourne! 

You will see snippets or complete tracks shot from within the private VIP Splash Zone or at the base of the catwalk. Video highlights cover tracks Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love), Love At First Sight, Better The Devil You Know, Closer/Looking For An Angel/There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) – Kylie’s ode to the Eurythmics, watch as she glides over the top of me sitting on the back of an airborne human angel! A magical experience! I also have Kylie on the back of a gold chariot, towed by leather clad naked male slaves for I Believe In You, fan favourite Better The Devil You Know, special duet Especially For You at the request of the audience, opening show track Aphrodite and the amazing finale – All The Lovers. A rare look, with two separate videos; one from Tuesday – filmed from the end of the catwalk, followed by the spectacular footage shot from within the Splash Zone on Wednesday. The closing spine chilling rendition of All The Lovers was recorded from a very wet Splash Zone – a moment that will live with me forever!

I genuinely hope that all you fans and visitors that have kept up with my blog throughout Kylie’s homecoming return have enjoyed my pieces just as much as I have enjoyed compiling each and every blog, photograph and video. Be sure to visit for all your Kylie news and or trips down memory lane! Please share these links with your family and friends – spread the KYLIE LOVE!

x Brian

VIDEOS: Brian Peel
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Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) Melbourne!

It Was Love…At First Sight!

IIIIIIIII Believe In You!
VIP Splash Zone

Can You Feel Me On Your Stereo! 
I’m A Golden Girl I’m An Aphrodite Alright!

All The Love I Have Is Especially For You!
VIP Splash Zone

On A Night Like This, I Wanna Stay Forever!
VIP Splash Zone

Splash Zone Chaos! Straight from the VIP viewing area!
VIP Splash Zone

Yes It’s True, What They Say, It’s Better The Devil You Know!

Closer…Looking For An Angel…
There Must Be An Angel Playing With My Heart! Yeah!
VIP Splash Zone

Opening Night In Melbourne… All The Lovers

The video above was recorded by myself from the end of the catwalk on Kylie’s opening night in Melbourne  – June 14th. Below, recorded by a very wet and saturated self from within the VIP Splash Zone. This is the closing track and the last we see of KYLIE as she waves goodbye to the crowd and disappears underneath the stage to rapturous applause! 

Exclusive video of the closing song from Melbourne – All The Lovers
Recorded from the VIP Splash Zone

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