PHOTO SPECIAL: Kylie Minogue Live In Melbourne ‘Aphrodite – Les Folies’ Tour 2011

APHRODITE LES FOLIES in pictures. Take a look through this gallery of photographs, taken by yours truly at both Kylie shows this week. You will see a mix of stage, pose or Kylie Minogue in full flight. The set cost a hefty $25 million dollars, one of the biggest ever. Based around Kylie’s portrayal of Greece’s Goddess of Love, the detail and effort put into this show was second to none. Seeing photographs such as these does not do justice to the show – it must be seen to be believed.

The colour and costume combination was immaculate, the glitter and feather a complete standout. No matter where you were in the stadium, you would be sure to witness her best audio visual presentation. There is no doubt, that Kylie Minogue put every bit of detail into ensuring this show would be her best. She did not disappoint. Pulled on the back of a gold chariot, Kylie waved to the crowd as she sung I Believe In You, a fan favourite while her team of muscled men tugged away step by step to show Kylie to the world. Fans from within the Splash Zone were in awe as it was the first track to get Kylie out amongst the crowd. Kylie then headed towards the end of the catwalk and the tip of the runway to a sea of fans in the general admission viewing area. The track Slow was breathtaking, as Kylie jazzed up her rendition of the song, her team of purple feathered female dancers were hoisted at a ‘slow’ gradual speed and tilted to face the crowd. I hope these photographs give you some indication about how brilliant this spectacle was put together. 

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Video Special filmed from within the Splash Zone!

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  1. Great blog & pics, thanks for sharing with us Brian I was also wow wow wow wowed 😉

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