NEW MUSIC | Shelley Segal ‘Background Noises’

Having just returned from a huge 40-date tour in the US, spirited Melbourne singer songwriter, Shelley Segal has announced the release of her new single, Background Noises. The flirtatious storyteller will hit the road for a string of national dates kicking off in Perth on November 18, moving through Adelaide, on to Victoria to play Dromana, Bennetts Lane and Paynesville, Brisbane, Albury, back to Adelaide and then home to Melbourne to complete the tour at Shelley’s regular Collins Square residency on December 18.

Lifted from her Strange Feeling EP (released May 2015), Background Noises is a blissfully lush and layered song, full of strings, keys and horns. Background Noises shows a more vulnerable and delicate side to the prolific and often opinionated singer songwriter. Written after the divorce of close friends and trying to imagine the situation from their perspective, Shelley explains, “The chorus seems to mean something different to me each time I sing it. Sometimes a shock, a deep loss, a painful reminder, an acceptance, a coming to terms with, a finality, a longing, an assertiveness, a future, a determinedness. As such a change would at different times of reflection. It’s not just a love or relationship lost but a physical place – a space and time that was all encompassing and is now gone.”

Shot and directed by Vince Lamberti (Bus Stop: Best Short Film 2011 Fist Full of Films Festival), the video clip is a visual expression of the song. “It’s documenting the loss of the spaces that vanish with drastic change and the accompanying pain and sadness,” explains Shelley. “It also touches on the positives of the growth and gains that can come after loss.”

An engaged and passionate touring artist, Shelley is eager to be back in Australia and share her recent experiences on stage with her local fans. “I’m excited to be back in Aus and to share what I’ve built: A space to reflect on the everyday, to see the layers of meaning behind each experience and how they shape us and our world,” she enthuses.

Strange Feeling (2015) fits seamlessly in to Shelley’s impressive back catalogue of releases, from her internationally inspired pop album, An Easy Escape (2013) through to her folk-pop protest record, An Atheist Album (2012) and collaborative Jazz album with Adam Levy (Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman), Little March (2013). Shelley also wrote and recorded award-winning track, Chemistry,with DJ Carl Cox, which spent two weeks at #1 on the dance charts in 2011.

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