Darren Hayes: ‘Stupid Mistake’ Official Video!

Darren Hayes has released his latest masterpiece with the official video for Stupid Mistake going out to fans around the world today. This is the 4th single from Darren’s Secret Codes and Battleships album. Darren is calling the track “very complicated… because it addresses the issue of a betrayal and of a loss of innocence.  It’s angry and it’s bitter in places.” 

Hayes explains that he would like the audience to draw their own conclusion from the song and its meaning… “If you could express everything in words there’d be no need for me to make songs or create art.  Although I have no intention of spelling it all out I do think it’s interesting that what you see is the end result 15 years in the spotlight.  Everything I am and all that I’ve learned for good or for bad is in this video”. Monday May 7th is the release date for the single in the UK. Darren’s website has more information on the single as well as the upcoming UK tour… It’s an amazing video, directed by Pixelfing, a release I’m calling… a ‘smart success’.

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