Iva Davies announces re-releases of ‘Razorback’ and ‘Boxes’ albums!

I’m thrilled to finally have these two albums available again’ says ICEHOUSE frontman Iva Davies of the joint release of the soundtrack to the 1984 Russell Mulcahy film, RAZORBACK, and the 1985 ballet, BOXES. “Neither album has been available digitally before and the CDs have been out of pressing for many years. I’ve constantly been asked when these would be available. This being the 30th Anniversary of Razorback, it seemed like a good time to get the music out again and with the help of George Ash and the team at Universal Australia, we’ve made it happen”.
Originally released in 1984, RAZORBACK is the soundtrack to Australian film and video director Russell Mulcahy’s first full-length feature film. It was composed and recorded by Iva using the then very new technology of the CMI Fairlight CMI digital sampling computer (see below) which enabled him to explore a new world of soundscapes. It went on to win its composer an APRA Award for “Most Performed Australasian Music for Film”.
The ballet BOXES was first performed in November 1985 at the Sydney Opera House and is considered the Sydney Dance Company’s most successful ballet ever. Iva Davies, and then ICEHOUSE guitarist Bob Kretschmer, composed the score for the ballet as a collaboration with renowned choreographer Graeme Murphy of the Sydney Dance Company. The original season of performances featured Davies and Kretschmer plus guest percussionist Masaki Tanazawa live on-stage interacting with the dancers.
Both albums have been remastered for the release. 

RAZORBACK and BOXES are released by Universal Music Australia and are available from all good record stores from today as a double album set and on iTunes as a set or sold separately.

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