NEW MUSIC: Of Gentlemen & Cowards ‘Make It On Your Own’

‘Make It On Your Own’ started as a song about coming home after being away, and seeing your city and your life from the outside as you hadn’t seen before. We wrote it as a reminder to ourselves of all the things we love but also the things we wish to change. During the two years we spent writing and recording this record the song took on a larger meaning for us and became a mantra for our band. You are never gonna get anywhere if you’re waiting for a big break, and to truly be happy you’ll need to reevaluate what success means to you. The music video follows four stories where the characters set out to accomplish their goals big and small, and though the outcome may not always be life changing, the act of pursuing the goal is celebrated as accomplishment in itself.

We formed in 2010. As a band we’ve seen ups and downs, including an appearance on Late Night With David Letterman and an ill-fated cruise ship gig that both broke our collective heart and yet transformed our sound into a more soulful one. Through it all, as Of Gentlemen & Cowards we’ve persevered our optimistic outlook.
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