Darren Hayes Wants YOU For The Sirens Call!

Darren Hayes has placed a call to arms for all his fans of the world to be part of the next special video presentation for Secret Codes and Battleships track Siren’s Call
To all of our friends around the world,
Darren wants your input to create an official fan video piece for the album track ‘Siren’s Call’ – the stunning final track on his brilliant new album ‘Secret Codes and Battleships’. As many of you know, this song seems to have struck a chord with audiences around the world and Darren wanted to recognise the special sentiment of the song by involving you,  in the creation of a fan generated lyric video with content supplied by YOU. Send in your photos, video pieces, footage – anything you think fits in with the theme of the song which is about overcoming an ocean of fears and insecurities amidst a journey to happiness.  It could be literal (sirens, oceans and greek mythology) it could be abstract (colours, signs, symbols) it could be photos of loved ones long gone or far away….
Send your email submissions to sirenscall@darrenhayes.com

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