Ah, freak out! Le freak, c’est chic Freak out! Remember the words? One of the biggest songs in the history of music!…. Nile Rodgers, the Chic front man staged a marathon set for us diehard disco fans at Melbourne’s Billboards last Wednesday night. Flanked by two amazing female backup singers and a perfectly sounding band, Nile Rodgers and Co. delivered a show which now has the whole town talking! The venue, jam packed with fans, listened to one of the best disco set lists ever heard. The hits from yesteryear rolled on, the sound was spectacular – it was disco at its finest. 

I had the privilege of witnessing this show, Nile sharing his past musical highlights with the audience in what seemed like an intimate performance. We heard about his dealings with Madonna, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Diana Ross…such a long list of talent, amazing history and let me tell you some classic tunes! Love your work Nile, be sure to come back soon!

Here is a very exclusive look at the Nile Rodgers performance at Melbourne’s Billboards, put together with some of TheAussieWord’s very handy video and photography skills! Ahhhhhhh FREAK OUT!   

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