Special Interview: TIM OMAJI

catches up with Tim Omaji for a special interview!

You’ve come along way since bursting out onto our TV screens on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ six years ago, you’re embarking on the next exciting chapter of your career, what’s changed since then?
A lot has changed but I’d like to think of it more as an evolution than a change. I have been blessed to have experienced continuous success in my music career and I have loved travelling all over the world sharing my passion. I’ve lost some close people in my life and also gained close people. I feel like I take the time to appreciate things more. 6 years ago everything was a blur and so fast paced that I really didn’t enjoy my career as much. Its been a big 6 years. Tell us why you changed your name back from Timomatic to your true birth name Tim Omaji. Are you feeling more comfortable with that?
I felt like everything in my life personally and professionally had evolved but the only thing that stayed the same was the name. Timomatic was the ‘superman’ alter-ego I had and I enjoyed seeing how high I could fly. But as I grew I felt like it was time to show people the ever-evolving man behind the alter-ego, Tim Omaji. At the end of the day I think we all want to become or live up to the truest and fullest expression of ourselves. This is my unique step to achieve this.
Social media has changed quite a bit in the last six years, the digital age is evolving. Is this helping you reach out to more of your fans?
Big time. The number of platforms that people socially connect on have grown exponentially. The hardest thing for me is to keep putting up new and engaging content on my pages daily. But If I have nothing to say I won’t say anything. I think people dig that kind of integrity in today’s digital age.You spent a bit of time in the US writing and working with some great songwriters, tell us about that experience.
I always have a very inspirational time when I write in the states. The US is the mecca for pop/urban music and I always seem to find a new style or approach to writing and singing that I haven’t tried before. I got to work with people that had worked with the likes of Rihanna, Kanye West, The Game, Usher, Chris Brown and many more. But for me the most important thing is the individual organic connection I share with a fellow creative. No matter how big or small a name, if that connection is present………Fireworks!

You did some work with The Potbelleez and some other locals in the industry, is there anyone specific you have your radar on for a future collaboration?
Yes I did. Australia is taking over the world right now especially in the indie/electro scene. I would love to collaborate with Flume, Chet Faker, Yao, Troye Sivan, Tkay Maidza and many more. I think that when you pair the right indie creative with the right pop/urban creative you get something new and fresh.

For the new record, you’ve worked with more great producers, has this changed your sound or approach in recording styles?

Most definitely. I feel like more than ever I have found my vocal style. In my previous work I would really hurt my voice by trying to hit unnaturally high notes just because I thought it would garner more attention. Bu I know I focus on making sure my voice is comfortable within the song and I think people are more likely to connect with this.

The brand new single ‘Go To Work’ is out now, exciting times ahead. Tell us about that and what’s ahead for Tim Omaji?

Go To Work is an in-your-face Urban/ Pop club banger that will make you get up in the morning or get down at night. It’s a feel-good infectious record that WILL get stuck in your head, in a good way! The future holds more international travel and putting finishes touches to my album. It’s close to 18 months since I started working on the album but like anything , perfect expression takes time.

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