Special Interview: NATHANIEL

An theaussieword.com special interview with one of our countries much loved performers Nathaniel!


Music was a big part of you growing up, tell us what kick started your love your music.
I grew up in church and sang in the choir. It stemmed from there to my dads 9 other brothers singing and playing guitar at the family weekend gatherings.


X Factor 2012 was a big year, that’s when you burst onto the scene with your big powerful vocals. Not long after you released your debut single ‘You’ which went Top 4 here in Australia – two times platinum. Tell us what was going through your head towards the end of X Factor and in the lead up to the launch of your first single.


At the end of X Factor I was hungry to strike while the iron was hot. I wanted to make the most of the opportunity I had so I networked and wrote a lot of songs to show people and setup meetings. I wanted that record deal! The lead up to YOU was a little bit daunting and exciting. I knew it was such a great different track but because it was going to be my first single with a massive record label, it made me nervous. You just don’t know what to expect but I stayed positive and let the music do the talking.

Which recording artists inspire and challenge you to continue your quest to make great music?
The greats like Stevie wonder, Michael Jackson and Prince. All there songs were incredible and as artists influenced me a lot musically. I want to be even bigger than what I am now. I want to be known for that kid that was on a singing competition, released some great songs and now is on an international level all the way from Australia. I want the big time!


You supported Mariah Carey’s ‘The Elusive Chanteuse Show’ Australian leg in 2014. How was that for you? Did you manage to cross paths with one of the world’s biggest Diva’s?
Supporting Mariah was like a dream come true. Who can say they have the chance to support the most successful female artist of all time, me! She was kind enough to invite me to her hotel for dinner with her kids and crew to singing a Christmas song and a duet she sang with boys to men which she hadn’t don’t before! What an honor and privilege!


‘Live Louder’ is nominated for Song of the Year at this years ARIA Awards. What an achievement, congratulations. You would have to be pretty happy with that right?
OMG I’m am over the moon about that nomination. It’s awesome to get recognition of all the hard work that goes into being creative and thinking outside the box. Thanks!


You’ve been working hard and putting loads of energy into your new album ‘Yours’. It’s your long awaited debut album with a collection of 10 tracks, including your hit singles – how are feeling right now? This must be quite an exciting time for you?
What an amazing feeling it is. It’s my first studio recording album! I couldn’t be more happier and prouder of it.


The new album demonstrates your ability to express a wide range of feelings and emotions. How is that different to anything else you’ve done previously?
I tend to bottle up a lot of what I’m thinking and emotion. True cancerian! Speaking through my music about what I’ve gone through is the best remedy ever for me. It’s a very important outlet.


You worked with some great Producers and Musicians on this new record – what have you taken away from that experience? 
I’ve learnt so much! Every session is always different. It’s made me a much better song writer and producer and also made me less decisive which is my weakest attribute! Decisions need to be made when creating!


‘Always Be Yours’ is the new single from the album, tell us a bit about it?
It’s about my wedding. I got married earlier this year and wanted to write a song for that special day. Always be yours was the finished product!


“Grammy awards, number one songs … world domination” you’re just about there mate! What next for Nathaniel?
Haha! Well I’m married now and love kids so that’s something I’m looking forward to in the near future. Being a dad! Not now though, soon…


Thanks for the chat Nathaniel, best of luck going forward. We’ll hopefully catch you on the red carpet at the ARIA’s!
Thank you! means a lot 🙂



Grab a copy of ‘Yours’ the latest album from Nathaniel featuring the amazing track ‘Always Be Yours’ via iTunes!


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