Spandau Ballet Setlist from SXSW

The set list from Spandau Ballet’s performance in Austin Texas, the first in 29 years! The boys plan on a US tour at the end of this year or early next!
To Cut A Long Story Short (from Journeys To Glory, 1981)
The Freeze (from Journeys To Glory, 1981)

Highly Strung (from Parade, 1994)

Only When You Leave (from Parade, 1994)

I’ll Fly For You (from Parade, 1994)
Barricades (from Through The Barricades, 1986)
Communication (from True, 1983)
Lifelife (from True, 1983)
Chant No 1 (from Diamond, 1982)
True (from True, 1983)
Gold (from True, 1983)

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