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Melbourne relaunches the 91.5FM brand from 7am today (Monday May 21) transmitting as Smooth FM the station will feature shows from Jason Donovan, David Campbell, Michael Buble, Richard Wilkins and David Reyne.
“A major launch of a new radio brand is incredibly exciting not just for DMG Radio Australia, but for the whole industry. It underlines the vibrancy of commercial radio across the country and its importance in our lives. We’ve identified a gap in the market for a music position that is unique in the Sydney and Melbourne radio landscape and we’re confident that listeners will embrace smoothfm,” CEO Cathy O’Connor DMG Radio Australia said in a statement”
Michael Buble will be a special guest of both the Sydney and Melbourne breakfast shows next Monday and then host his own show for the next 6 weeks on Saturday’s at 9am.  

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  1. I play smooth fm in my coffee shop and I get a lot of my customers singinging along and enjoying the music very relaxing while they are drinking their coffe

  2. I hear the above comments and agree there is still some over repetition of songs. Chicago “If you leave me now” and George Michael “Jesus to a child” to name a couple although great songs. Surprised not to have heard Kate BUSH and “Wuthering Heights” which is a great song. Having said that I am enjoying the station listening to some tracks that I haven't heard for ages. I asked for Earth Wind and Fire and Sam COOKE a while ago and in the last couple of days have heard both which is great. Would love to hear some more Luther Vandross such as “Never too much” but not sure how many would know the song. Would also love to hear Stevie WONDER “Ribbon in the sky” and the even lesser known but clasic “Black ORCHID” Usually background music at the supermarket. Don't believe that “YMCA” would be too smooth. I think the deas of having more relaxing tracks is good. We get planty of “Rock and Roll” from the other stations and I believe many will come back to “Smooth” when they want a break from the other stations. How many people relly keeep the same station tuned all the time? I will keep listening. Keep up the good work.

    Phil from Berwick

  3. i agree with many of the comments posted here that smooth fm does repeat songs over and over again …whats with that …there are millions of records ..why repeat the same ones …its good to here old records played …


  5. Wheres Ann Murray, less Bee Gees ,never heard softness of Donna Summer,Simon &garfunkel,never heard Sade,Sinead o connors,lot of more missing on this channel which was there in before smooth fm.

  6. Love the new format.
    Why not include some Micheal Bolton's music,it's smooth enough.

    I simply love the station.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. I would love to hear a bit of our own Kylie Minogue and even the guy who hosts a Sunday AM show – Jason Donovan!! #SealedWithAKiss #TooManyBrokenHearts ….

  8. I moved to 91.5 because you were playing Karise Eden and I thought you might be the one station in Melbourne (Australia!) that gave AUSTRALIAN musos a good hearing … but Karise seems to have disappeared (haven't heard her for five days!) and I just keep hearing the same hackneyed OLD stuff. Where are all our brilliant Aussies!!????

  9. Unfortunately I have to agree with the above comments hear the same songs repeatedly – I just discovered your station just before the change and really enjoyed it. Won't be staying with this format

  10. This smooth music is putting me to sleep!! Where is the ROCK gone?? Something I can sing to….out of tune and loud with gusto

  11. Where the fuck is Classic Rock???
    Leave the soft crap songs to the soft cocks that like it… Not happy and will be changing stations …

  12. Preferred Classic's song lists, Smooth's sound dull and monotonous. Who thought that this would be a good idea?

  13. It was good when it was really classic rock. It was half way between goldfm and mmm. Should have kept with that.

  14. Be careful not to fall into the trap of repeating the same songs as other stations seem to do! (There are plenty out there without having to fall back to the same ones all the time). Havent heaard Little River Band for a while – Lady.

    Also sleepy songs can become just plain boring when you listen to the radio all day.

  15. Not happy with the new way the station is run…hear the same songs repeatedly(Rumers Sarah song and that bloody lego song) I am in my car all day and will be leaving 91.5 as I no longer enjoy it

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