There is plenty truth in the saying ‘they came, they saw and they conquered ‘. Roxette in fact did that to the largest of proportions at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne! Roxette, supported earlier on by the greatest unsung heroes of Australian Pop/Rock 1927. It was a night to remember, the classic hits from yesteryear, a trip down memory lane, it was a complete 1986 tape rewind with a display of true pure Roxette brilliance as they sang through decades of a #1 hits, forgotten classics and new songs from their latest album Charm School. Per Gessle had tweeted earlier that Roxette had ‘owned Sydney’, little did they know that a few hours later, they would also own the hearts of a passionate and nostalgic Melbourne crowd.

I heard them all, Dangerous, Dressed For Success, Listen To Your Heart, It Must Have Been Love, Fading Like A Flower, Wish I Could Fly, Sleeping In My Car, The Big Love, She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio), The Look, Spending My Time, How Do You Do, Joyride… the hits just kept coming, it was a show to remember. This was one trip down memory lane that I will never forget. Tickets still available for their final Melbourne show on Wednesday at Rod Laver Arena – do yourself a favour and see this one. For an added bonus, you get to see 1927 belt out the classics If I Could, Compulsory Hero, That’s When I Think Of You, You’ll Never Know… this spectacle from Roxette and 1927 is by far the highlight of performances in 2012.

Roxette – The Big Love (Live In Melbourne)

Roxette – Fading Like A Flower (Live In Melbourne)

1927 – If I Could (Live In Melbourne)


  1. Flew over from Perth for the Sat night show, had second row seats.

    I can now die happy (but not before seeing them in Perth lol)

    Would have like to hear June Afternoon or Heart Shaped Sea but still had the best time ever.

  2. A – you missed out on the most AMAZING show – Marie BELTED out some of our favourites and the energy when they are live is something to be seen – watching Per jump up and down like a young 21yo rocker and up and down the stage was incredible. Adelaide is known as a sleepy town, but I'm telling you there was NOTHING sleepy about the concert last night – spectacular, amazing, incredible, fantastic – I could keep going with the description but you get the idea. So sad that you missed out, this even surpassed Crash!Boom!Bang! which I saw in 95.

  3. As a Looooooooong time Roxette fan, I was a bit miffed that I could not find anyone to accompany me to go see them here in Melbourne. I must say, that after seeing your footage here, and that on Sunrise this morning, I'm kind of glad i'm not going.

    I know the live experience is never the same as listening to studio (Unless it's Britney) and i'd be stupid to expect 90's live amazeball-ness considering Marie's ill health recently, I just felt, from what I had seen, the show was lacking in energy. I'll never stop loving Roxette, Pearls of Wisdom – Look Sharp – Joyride – Crash Boom Bang…classic albums that feature heavily on my iPod, and it's because of that, i'm quite happy to leave the image in my head of the old Roxette that I grew up with.

  4. Great review! And I have read today that their 2006 Hits album has entered the ARIA Top 100 at #39. Not bad.

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