Drama Queens with Love Scenes

After eight drafts and a short lived self-published edition (three months all up), Kevin Klehr’s novel, Drama Queens with Love Scenes, scored a book contract with Boston based publisher, Charles River Press. The Australian novel was one of the first to be released through their latest imprint, Cambridge Press US. Another three months of rewrites meant the comic tale of ‘gay unrequited love in the Afterlife’ was ready for release. Since then, the bloggers have been talking – 

“Oh how I loved this book. The humour was right up my alley and the drama was never ending. Within the first few chapters my mouth was literally agape…” 5 Stars, Two Girls Reading

“I am still puzzled by this book! There were points in the story at which I wanted to have an Allan-type tantrum, slam my Kindle closed and never return to the book; then I would be so captivated by the plot and fall so deeply in love with the characters that the thought of being without them was overwhelming!” 4 Stars, Kirsty Vizard, All in One Place

“I’m speechless… Wow! What an ending?!…. It left me absolutely speechless!…”
5 Stars, Pati May, Amazon Reviewer  

This novel has been a labour of love, starting out as a handwritten story in a bound journal about eight years ago. It then underwent three professional assessments until finally being revamped for its new publisher. Also keep an eye out for a series of three free stories based on every reviewer’s favourite character, Guy the Angel.

For your chance to win a copy, leave a comment here…tell us anything! Maybe you’re a Drama Queen? If were an Angel what would your name be? 🙂

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