REVIEW: Jane Badler Live In Melbourne

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Rod Swift prepared this very special review of Jane Badler’s Melbourne performance The Supper Club at The Famous Spiegeltent for

There is something to be said for the experience that comes from an intimate, small crowd being able to be absorbed in a consummate performance by a talented performer.  I think it beats, hands down, any large concert event where you’re just one of an innumerate crowd.

And that is exactly the intimacy that was on offer on Thursday 21 March 2013 at the Famous Spiegeltent at the Melbourne Arts Centre, during the Supper Club hosted by actress and singer Ms Jane Badler.

And the intimate environment is a two-way experience for both audience and artiste: A revelation from Ms Badler that she wished she could invite the entire audience to head back to her place for a party was enthusiastically welcomed, albeit completely a pipe dream.

As Badler fans will attest, Jane’s first two studio albums — The Devil Has My Double (2008) and Tears Again (2011) — consist of forceful ballads which touch on the personal of fame, betrayal, revenge and solitude.

And these emotions resonated through the audience when Ms Badler began to belt out the heart-wrenching and bittersweet Men Who Lie, to the touching and sultry Four Corners To My Bed.

After the hour-long main set, Jane Badler returned to the stage to perform a single song as a solo encore on piano — the haunting and beautifully-seductive Nursery Rhyme — delivered as a soulful soliloquy in song to a rousing applause.

A most befitting conclusion to a night in which we explored, as an audience, the rollercoaster of heart-felt emotions that Ms Badler conjures in us through her lyrics.

Then it was time for the fans to meet Jane who spent as much time mingling after the show as time on stage performing.

On the horizon for Ms Badler: her third studio album set for release later this year.

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