Special Interview: Brook Chivell

theaussieword.com catches up with Brook Chivell.

Give us an introduction, how did it all begin? 
Hi Brian first let me start by thanking you so much for having me.
My mum tells me that as a toddler I used to stand up in my cot and sing little tunes. Not words but tunes. So I think that even before I knew that I loved music, I loved music. All through primary and high school  I was involved in music classes singing, playing keyboard and, every parents dreaded, recorder. Lol. When I was 17 a friend showed me the 3 chords to play ‘Wild Thing’ and the rest is history.

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NEW MUSIC: Janet Jackson & Daddy Yankee ‘Made For Now’

Australia welcomes the return of Janet Jackson with her first new single in two years, ‘Made For Now’. Given its global premiere on Jimmy Fallon, the performance set social media alight with the all-singing, all-dancing celebration proving why Janet is one of the highest selling artists of all time. Racking up over 31 million Youtube views in a single week, the video for ‘Made For Now’ is already a bona fide hit, with the single going to Australian radio this week. Australia’s love of Janet is over four decades in the making, spanning five multiplatinum, platinum and gold albums, three sold out tours and 29 iconic top 40 hits that are still radio staples today including All For You, Black Cat, That’s The Way Love Goes, Together Again, Runaway and The Best Things In Life Are Free.Continue reading

NEW MUSIC: Lenny Kravitz ‘Low’

Raise Vibration elevates the union of rock ‘n’ roll, funk, blues, and soul once again. Receptive to youthful inspiration, but enlightened by three decades of wisdom, it represents a powerful creative rebirth and a bold, bright, and brilliant body of work befitting of his legacy and boundless spirit.

Previously released off of this album, Kravitz’ debut track “It’s Enough” stands out as one of the most powerful compositions in Kravitz’s catalog and is a tense, decisive rumination on the global state of affairs today.

His single, “Low” is a pulsating introspective composition dealing with the issue of preconceptions in the beginning of a relationship.

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13 September, 2018 – Episode 105: #MorningShow989 with special guests NUSSY & Second Chance Animal Rescue

This week on #MorningShow989, ‘SJ’ Sarah Kilalea and Marisa Debattista from Second Chance Animal Rescue plus Melbourne singer/songwriter NUSSY!

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NEW MUSIC: Conrad Sewell ‘Changing’

Conrad Sewell confessed his mistakes and yearned to tell his uncut story on his new tracks, “Come Clean” & “Healing Hands” – two songs with minimal production driven by the Australian Conrad’s bold, big, and bluesy wail. Today, Sewell arrives with his next chapter in his evolution as an artist and individual, the vulnerable and emotional song, “Changing”.

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NEW MUSIC: Yoke Lore ‘Ride’

Absolutes, the forthcoming EP of New York indie pop act Yoke Lore, explores the grey areas between black and white ideas while building upon the lush, sonic palette of his past works. The new music finds multi-instrumentalist, dancer, and visual artist Adrian Galvin polishing his heartfelt anthems and ruminating on finding balance amid respective oppositions by breaking through the notion that truth necessitates purity.

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NEW MUSIC: Ryan Culwell ‘The Last American’

Ryan Culwell returns with The Last American, his third full-length album and first release in more than three years. The collection marks his debut on Missing Piece Records and captures Culwell at his finest as he crafts poignant portraits of ordinary Americans just trying to get by in these trying times.
“Think of my record, The Last American, as a letter to a loved one who is hurting,” explains Culwell. “I speak love, encouragement, direction, warnings and hope. This is how I speak to those I love most. Some of the songs were literally written to my daughters and we sing them before bed. The title track says the things a friend might say in a time of need… to carefully pull the festering splinter from a swollen palm. If you love America, this song is for you.”

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NEW MUSIC: Lauren Housley ‘My Sleeping Heart’

Lauren Housley was born and raised in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Although she was a shy child, she always possessed a strong desire to perform on stage. By the age of 10 she was a National Dance Champion and began moving into theatre acting shortly afterwards. Her passion to sing and write songs came unexpectedly at around the age of 14, Her influences spanning the broad spectrum of guitar music, stemming from her Elvis fanatic dad who raised her on the sounds of the king. Spending a lot of her formative years between Rotherham, after moving to Manchester, Lauren developed a cultured appreciation of the Northern music scene, drawing inspiration from the thriving music culture in which she was cocooned. She has since teamed up with childhood friend, Steve Pycroft, where they began hosting a night at Matt and Phreds Jazz Club in the Northern Quarter called Soul Sessions.Continue reading