NEW MUSIC: Yoke Lore – ‘Dead Ringer’

Yoke Lore releases track “Dead Ringer” in anticipation of his North American headline tour. The stirring single is debuted alongside a remix by Young & Sick. The song, which grapples with Adrian’s interpretation of pace and emotion, gets an EDM take with Adrian’s wistful, hypnotic vocals over an upbeat dance melody.

Of the track, Adrian explains, “‘Dead Ringer’ is about pace. I like to move fast because I believe in progress over perfection. I get over things fast and like to move on to the next thing quickly. It helps me stay unattached. So that I don’t get bogged down by loss or defeat. Because I’m also a sensate. I feel heavily and take the world personally. So I use to speed to defend against my faults.” He expands, “but when you move quickly, you miss certain aspects of the journey. I could be missing out on some really wonderful information that I would get if I stopped to smell the roses once in a while. I worry that when something or someone really important comes around, I will be moving too quickly to catch it or them.”

Last week, Yoke Lore unveiled track “Everybody Wants To Be Loved” with NVDES. Stepping away from the chill sound of his most recent Meditations EP, the single blends Adrian’s idyllic vocals with an infectious beat for an irresistibly fun electronic jam that is sure to have you on your feet.
After putting out three acclaimed EPs which gained Yoke Lore a loyal following— Far Shore (2016), Goodpain (2017), and Absolutes (2018) — 2019’s Meditations stripped several of Galvin’s familiar songs to their core by trading the usual electronic elements for arrangements of piano, horns, and strings. In addition to these re-interpretations, listeners found two new studio songs on the Meditations EP.  This fall Galvin is set to embark on his first national headlining tour heading across the country, playing premiere venues in cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Chicago along the way.

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