VINILOVERSUS is a five-piece band from Venezuela, that rapidly garnered a reputation for their unapologetic, constantly evolving style and explosive live performances. With this new track, the band departs from its traditional garage rock sound and presents itself with a more accessible sound and a richer musical arrangement than before. This track showcases Viniloversus’ evolution into English songwriting and their ambitions to diversify their sound and reach a wider audience.

Formed in Venezuela in 2004, VINILOVERSUS released their first album, “El Dia Es Hoy”, in 2008. As their popularity rose in their home country, they toured Latin America, the US and Europe, finally landing a Latin Grammy Nomination in 2010 for their second album. They received the Latin Grammy Award in 2012 for their third release. The band is now based out of Miami, and plans to use its new location to further inspire and grow with their music.

Since arriving in Florida, VINILOVERSUS has rapidly gained the attention of the local rock scene after performing at festivals like III Points Festival and FM Festival. They’ve also been performing frequently at renown Miami venues such as Bardot and 1306, among many others. A string of performances will follow the release of this latest single, as the band begins to promote their upcoming album.

Throughout their career the band has made a point of speaking out against the devastating human rights abuses in Venezuela, having first hand experienced the issues there. Now, with the band based out of the US, they seek to raise awareness about human rights abuses not only in Venezuela but in the United States and around the globe.

VINILOVERSUS is Rodrigo Gonsalves (guitar/vocals), Juan Victor Belisario (bass/keyboard), Orlando Martinez (drums), Adrian Salas (bass), and Alberto Duhau (guitar).

Their new single “Disintegrate Me” is available in all major digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Pandora. For more information on their music and shows visit:

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