NEW MUSIC: Rosie Burgess ‘Run Through The Fire’

Rosie Burgess releases the music video for single ‘Run Through The Fire’ from her new EP Handful, Part Two. Along with her trio which features Sam Lohs on drums and Tim Bennett on bass, Burgess will launch the new EP with a string of shows including The Toff in Town in Melbourne on May 11, The Bottlerocket in Nowra on 12 May, Culburra Beach Festival on 13 May and Sydney’s Petersham Bowling Club on 14 May.

In ‘Run through the Fire’ Burgess confronts the malaise threatening so many of her generation – the feeling that life has yet to deliver. The song, with its pounding Mumford-and-Sons-esque drums and powerful harmonies, delivers a sense of hope, which, according to Burgess, is the ultimate antidote.

Shot by Agostino Soldati, the video captures the feeling of escaping from the daily grind, shedding the constrictions of being part of the 9-5 mill, and throwing yourself, literally, off the edge for that explosion of feeling.

Bugess says: “We made it in a day down in Footscray and Altona, and it was this gorgeous sunny day so we had to work hard to avoid having loads of people in all the shots! We got some great cameo appearances from members of the public though, which were really fun.”

About the EP:
A follow up to her 2016 release Handful, Part One, this trio of tracks brings you another taste of life through Burgess’s unique filter – giving you a handful of love, a handful of life, and a handful of songs. Recorded in her home studio (The Room Off The Kitchen), she enjoyed some creative hermitage to bring the EP together.

Featuring alongside ‘Run Through The Fire’, but taking a slightly stylistic jump to towards the pop end of town, in ‘Raise you up’, Burgess expresses her desire to step away from what she sees as “the meanness of life” and instead, help build each other up. “I feel like social media is littered with people trying to pull each other down,” she says. “If someone is doing something great and successful, for every compliment there will be seven other people tearing them to shreds. I don’t want to be a part of that. We need to celebrate each other’s wins, we need to raise each other up. I want my partner to feel like I’m always right behind her, wanting what’s best for her, I want my son to feel encouraged to try his heart out, I want my friends to feel supported, I want our community to build itself into a place for positive relationships.”Featuring a killer electric guitar solo by Megan Bernard (Don’t Mess with The Pony, MEJU), the song builds into a cascade of Burgess’s signature vocal harmonies, which in their own way, Burgess hopes, will raise you up.

‘On You Ride’ brings the EP back to Burgess’s singer songwriter roots, with a heartfelt tribute to her friend and uncle, Greens MP John Kaye. “He loved music,” Burgess says. “He just a loved a good song, and I wanted to write him one. He was an inspiration to me – such high standards, such drive, such passion to bring the world to a better place – I am lucky to call him family.”

Sometimes it’s hard to fit people into boxes, and the music being produced by Rosie Burgess is no exception. Sliding from folk to blues to gypsy-roots and back, her music crosses more genres than state borders, giving off “more energy than an illegally sparked firecracker” [Drum Media, Sydney], whilst still maintaining it’s unmistakable flavour.

And cross borders she does. Having spent more than her fair share of time in airports and touring vans with her band, The Rosie Burgess Trio, she has crisscrossed the world, leaving behind a trail of lost sunglasses, broken flip-flops and adoring audiences. Hailing from Melbourne, the trio bring their unique brand of folkroots to centre stage in a collection of catchy harmonies and off-beat humour. Often times they are mistaken for brother and sisters, and whilst they’re regrettably not, there is no mistaking the joy they share on stage both together and with the audience.

Rosie Burgess has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of the world’s finest artists, firmly securing a place for herself as a festival favourite, both in Australia and North America, at festivals such as California World Fest, Calgary Folk Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, and more. Sharing her passion for the road and adventure, alongside her love of music, Burgess has won herself a veritable army of loyal fans across the globe.

With the 2016 release of EP Handful, Part One, and accompanying video clips gathering huge support on facebook, Rosie is keen to get out of the studio and back on the road, and of course, onto the stage!

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