New Music: The Basics ‘So Hard For You’

Having just revealed their first tour in over three years, cult heroes THE BASICS have been blown away by the sustained hunger for their stagecraft, announcing a 3rd Melbourne show at the upsized Corner Hotel following their sell-out of the Northcote Social Club twice already.

To celebrate, they are lifting the lid on a brand-new filmclip for their latest single “So Hard For You”.

The clip’s strength is a variety of faces new and old, including that of the song’s fearless leader Wally De Backer (aka Gotye), bassist Kris Schroeder (recorded on location in Kenya, complete with Malaria), and guitarist Tim Heath, with cameos from Harry Nilsson and Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, the late, great Frank Sinatra adding some cheeky spice to the mix.

Realized by filmmaker Andrew Mortlock, the clip has an old-school vinyl flavour, mirroring that fresh-yet-classic vibe The Basics have been known for since their formation in 2002.

Abandoning the live circuit in 2010 in favour of individual pursuits, the band summed up Act One of their career earlier this year with the “must-have” set Ingredients and rarities collection Leftovers, prompting rumours of a reunion, which were confirmed with the announcement of a tour this September.

“I think of the tour and every possibility that might come out of it as a sign from on High,” said Kris Basic, speaking from a Kenyan hospital. “The break has been very healthy for us (aside from the actual near-death experiences) – a good chunk of time to focus on ourselves, build on our strengths and see this band of ours from the outside. Talking to Tim and Wally lately, it’s evident how this new perspective has got us all excited about where we might go next.”

The band’s career has spanned well over a decade, outlasting most of their contemporaries, and giving us four albums with singles ‘With This Ship’, ‘Like a Brother’ and ’Wait For You’ added to triple j. These and other tracks featured in hit US TV shows like Californication and Scrubs have also earned the band a cult following across the globe.

“It’s been a great challenge nutting out how to bring a large band, visuals and studio compositions together for the Gotye live shows over the last two years,” said Wally Basic, having recently concluded his tour commitments. “But right now I’m looking forward to getting sweaty behind the drums and playing rock ‘n’ roll in these fab clubs with my brothers Kris and Tim, and what better track to lead them into the fray with than So Hard For You.”

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