NEW MUSIC: Terence Jack – ‘Found It’

New music from one of our overseas favs – Terence Jack!

A few words from Terence Jack himself… Perhaps we don’t have to look so far away to be happy. I’ve written a lot of sad songs, but “Found It” draws from a happier side of me that I’m proud to show. You can hear the first single from my forthcoming Bloom LP wherever you get your music. I like to let the music dictate the song – it allows me to follow the feeling more than what is supposed to make sense. For “Found It,” the concept is about feeling like a stranger to yourself sometimes in life. It reflects on the inner journey we all experience while trying to find ourselves.


Everything was created off the original drum beat for this track. We played around a lot with an OP1 – a small synthesizer/sampler/sequencer – as well as a Roland XP60 (an older synth keyboard.) We were able to stretch ourselves, and be really creative in the studio.

Plans are made to be loosely followed; the future is open for whatever comes my way. I’ll be focusing on releasing Bloom in its entirety, and can’t wait to see where it will take me!

….and we can’t wait either Terence!

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