NEW MUSIC: Jade Holland ‘It’s You’

Jade Holland releases second single It’s You from her hit album Dream Wild to country radio today. It follows the catchy Drive Thru single which hit radio charts and CMC for several weeks. The song was co-written with Emma-Lee and Phil Barton. Jade say’s “We thought about all those little things that people do that start to get on our nerves when they are in comfortable relationships that might annoy the other person. Eg. Leaving their clothes everywhere, or being grubby. So we wrote this song pin pointing why its not me its actually you who has the problem. When we wrote It’s You with Emma-Lee and Phil, we knew that we wants a fun quirky song that put a spin on a standard saying. I had mentioned to them both that I had been told by a guy I was dating ‘It’s not you its me’ and it made me mad haha I thought whats your bloody problem!”

The light hearted and quirky video was filmed in Nashville by Randy Schaffer (Chris Lane). “It’s a song where its quite easy to point a finger and blame someone but thats not the purpose behind it. It’s just fun! Randy bought his friend Kyle along who has done some acting before, Kyle was playing the role of my boyfriend in the clip. We had so much fun on set in Nashville. We had hired an air bnb for a few hours to film in and we also had access to this beautiful old F1-50 orange truck! I don’t think we stopped laughing at all on set.”

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