19 September, 2019 – Episode 144: #MorningShow989 with Special Guests Casey Barnes, Terence Jack & Almost Owen

Special Guests this week on #MorningShow989 – Aussie Casey Barnes returns with a special preview of his latest single ‘A Little More’ as we later head over to Los Angeles for an chat with Vancouver local Terence Jack followed by a cross to Boston, MA to speak with singer/songwriter Almost Owen plus the Aussie premiere of his brand new single ‘From The Outside’.

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NEW MUSIC: Terence Jack – ‘Found It’

New music from one of our overseas favs – Terence Jack!

A few words from Terence Jack himself… Perhaps we don’t have to look so far away to be happy. I’ve written a lot of sad songs, but “Found It” draws from a happier side of me that I’m proud to show. You can hear the first single from my forthcoming Bloom LP wherever you get your music. I like to let the music dictate the song – it allows me to follow the feeling more than what is supposed to make sense. For “Found It,” the concept is about feeling like a stranger to yourself sometimes in life. It reflects on the inner journey we all experience while trying to find ourselves. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Terence Jack – ‘Found It’

NEW MUSIC: Terence Jack ‘Errors’

New music from one of our previous special guest interviewees Terence Jack! As with the previous single, Eastern Rise, Jack partnered with producer and fellow Vancouverite, Daniel Klenner (We Are the City, Tourist Company, Hey Ocean), to write and co-produce the song. Errors was conceived during a wine jam-session and evolved from a punchy riff to the full-bodied song in The Space studio with Daniel. Errors details the bitter-sweetness of leaving someone, or being left, in favour of chasing dreams. The departure, the return, and the ride reflect that concept. “We just succumbed to the poppiness of the song and served the song. The bridge was added last and turned out to be my favourite part of the whole record.”…. Enjoy!!
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Special Interview: Terence Jack

Terence Jack speaks exclusively to theaussieword.com!

Tell us how it all started. What had you first interested in music?

For grade 7-band class we all had to pick an instrument and my parents had an old classical guitar sitting around the house. I picked it11159531_10150520763874975_1004067807552007832_n up and never put it down. I’ve been playing in bands ever since then. I was in a ska band, rock, funk-ish and bounced around a lot.

What motivates or influences you in your quest to make great music?

I’ve dealt a lot with death in my life and it made me realize how short we actually have in our lives. I just didn’t want to spend time on things that I didn’t care about. My aim is to channel the art through me from whatever and wherever that comes from.

What are your biggest goals you hope to accomplish as an artist?

As an artist some of my goals are playing Red Rocks, The Gorge Amphitheatre but on a musical level is to express everything the way I hear it in my mind.

12377929_10150594449284975_7184511111190706837_oSuccess, what is the secret to it?

You tell me! I don’t really know but I think that just persistence, & hard work are good to count on.

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

I’ve toured Canada twice this year, this time with a full band. Playing across the country is a wonderfully grueling experience. Cutting through the Rockies with my band-mates has been truly great. We’re hitting the east coast here in about 2-weeks and that’s going to be a career landmark for sure. Continue reading Special Interview: Terence Jack