New Music: Jane Badler ‘Losing You’

New York’s cult figure, sci-fi icon and critically acclaimed songstress of the international scene, Jane Badler is back with her brand new single, Losing You, complemented by a spectacularly theatrical video clip featuring her LA-based actor son, Harry Hains.
Written at 3am in a Parisian hotel room, Badler explains, “During a sleepless night filled with ghosts and imaginary anxieties, out popped Losing You – a song about loss, betrayal and revenge.”  With exceptional instrumentation and a dark, sensual yet theatrical appeal, Losing You features percussion by Rafa Padillo and backing vocals from Fowler (Rolling Stones), Carol Hatchett (Bette Midler) and the beautiful ethereal tones of Arden Kaywin.

The remarkably lavish video clip for the single takes on an Alice In Wonderland theme with Badler entering different worlds with each door she walks through.  The black and white checkered floor remains consistent while each door opened welcomes us in to each new world with bizarrely eccentric characters unveiled, allowing the song to take on a life of its own. “We wanted to create an Daliesqueworld where an alternate reality exists to exaggerate the extreme state of mind in the song,” says Badler.   Directed and edited by Jesse Davey and costumes styled by Dawn Fitz, the song and clip takes the viewer on a journey through a surreal, theatrical wonderland, perfectly fusing Badler’s two greatest loves – singing and acting.
Making an appearance in the video clip is Badler’s son, Harry Hains.  “He is a beautiful and talented actor living in LA, so it was a joy to have him on set. I find the segment with him very moving.  We dance together, he is looking off and I am staring at him. He is my younger self,” explains Badler.
Forthcoming album Opus was produced and mixed by Grammy-winning producer Jeff Bova (Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper).   “It is a moody, sensual, epic, cinematic and emotional, tongue-in-cheek journey in to broken hearts, pain, and ultimately hope and redemption,” says Badler.
Having enjoyed a long and rewarding career in the arts, Badler has played major roles in American daytime soap operas One Life to Live, The Doctors, primetime series Murder, She Wrote, as well as her best-known role as the Lizard queen, Diana in the hugely successful sci-fi series, ‘V’.   After starring in the global hit series Mission Impossible, Badler moved to Australia to focus on her family, and has since introduced herself to a local audience through guest appearances in iconic Australian televison shows Neighbours, Blue HeelersOffspring and The Man From Snowy River.  Her love of singing and performing also helped forge an enviable career in cabaret, which saw her take to the stage to perform in Archy & Mehitabel, The Great Gatsby, Sextet, The Singing Forest, Big Hair in America, Rebecca, and also her one-woman show Shakin’ the Blues Away.

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