NEW MUSIC: J.Views ‘Into The Light’ (Orchestral Version)

Jonathan Dagan, known by his stage name, J.Views, is a poetic kind of Electronic producer. The two-time Grammy nominated artist is known for pushing the boundaries in the creative world, constantly innovating the dialog with his audience. The New York-based songwriter, producer, and visual artist creates multilayered songs that blend raw elements with electronic music through his use of analog synths, tapes and field recordings.

J.Views often collaborate with guest vocalists and musicians. His production is frequently described as nostalgic, intricate, and detailed. As NPR’s All Songs Considered stated, “J.Views writes songs that whirl and clatter like tiny Rube Goldberg devices.” His latest album 401 Days is the result of the award-winning interactive project which invited fan participation in the step-by-step making of the album. This first-ever interactive album, peels back the curtain on the creative process. The video for “Into The Light” [Orchestral Version]. Originally featuring Wild Cub, and taken from 401 Days.  Into the Light (Live) was recorded last year at the Opera Hall of Tel-Aviv. with the J.Views live band, featuring singer Denitia Odigie and along with the 30-piece ‘Revolution Orchestra’. The album picked up a grammy nomination for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Packaging.

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