NEW MUSIC | EONS ‘Like A Dream’

After the release of their EP Serene Machine, which catapulted Eons to the ranks of dream-pop/dreamwave aurality with a sound self-described as, “a moody but slick brand of synth pop,” the Miami-based synth-pop duo release their highly anticipated music video for single “Like A Dream” directed by Claudia La Bianca.
Similar to the EP Serene Machine, “Like A Dream” exudes a plethora of nostalgic 80’s homages and lush soundscapes along with ethereal vocals and pulsating synthesizers. The music video illustrates a once-lovestruck couple experiencing separation while simultaneously reflecting on past memories. The video, directed and animated by Claudia La Bianca, echoes the fantastical nature of the song’s production and sentiment with vivid visuals and out-of-this-world animation.

This is the band’s second music video for the EP Serene Machine which saw the synth-pop duo release the previous music video “Molecules,” subsequently garnering thousands of views.

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