NEW MUSIC: Caravãna Sun – Stella

Caravãna Sun have consistently courted praise for their dynamic live performances and energy. Focusing on reminding us that even in the darkest times beauty and meaning can be found, the band returns with a bright new single in Stella. Taken from the band’s forthcoming new album, it’s a striking new step forward for the band.

An intensely personal song, ‘Stella’ is a song about relationships and connections, and the shifts in perspective that can happen within us all following monumental life occurrences. And while the genesis of the song stems from a specific real-life experience, ‘Stella’ remains accessible and speaks to life’s ins-and-outs, broadly speaking.

Caravãna Sun’s Ant Beard says that ‘Stella’ was originally written for a close friend who had suffered a miscarriage. Witnessing the grief and recovery process inspired Ant to write the song as a way of representing the joy and excitement this unborn life had brought and to remind his friend of the positive energy the child had brought to their lives.

“‘Stella’ was written as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there’s always a shift that goes on inside of people. A changing of perspective or a lens on the life we’d never seen through before. I wanted to remind my friend that even though they’d never get the chance to hold their baby, there’d been a monumental shift in them. A light I’d never seen before; energy behind every word, that spoke with such deep empath and true authentic excitement for what this new life meant to them.”

Recording the track was completed by Ian Pritchett up in the Blue Mountains, with Ant deciding not to share the song with the rest of Caravãna Sun until the actual studio day. Changing up the dynamic of the process brought new energy to proceedings, leading to this strong final result

“Normally, we’d work on our parts in pre-production and be very prepared, but there was something different about this song. Some quiet voice, that wanted to put everyone on the spot and see how they’d relate and what they’d play after hearing it for the first time. It created an energy in the studio that was beyond special and turned the song into something truly greater than the sum of its parts.”