New Music: Brightly ‘True’

True is a song about trying to find your place in the universe. It comes primarily from lead singer Charlie Gleason’s experiences as a gay man, but is a wider statement on the crushing weight of fear and anxiety. 
Brightly was formed by Gleason, a programmer and computer science dropout, in his bedroom. Threading together folk, electronica, and surreptitious recordings of children screaming in airplanes, he began to construct what would become the debut album Beginnings & Endings. 
Armed with his rampant enthusiasm for the internets he built Tweetflight (, an interactive Twitter-powered music video for Preflight Nerves, which won a bunch of awards, got a half million views and was featured by Google’s Creative Sandbox. 

Nicholas Lam, guitarist, and Joshua Barber, drummer, joined in 2012 and everything was 
great. After touring relentlessly throughout 2013, they released The Greylings EP, a collection of stripped-back and decidedly unelectronic tracks. 
And then Charlie relocated to London, England. Splitting their time between the two countries, they wrote and recorded their forthcoming album Oh, Infinity, building on their distinct sound while trading a hundred thousand samples by email. It is slated for release in 2015.
True was engineered by Andrei Eremin and Joshua Delaney at Smooch Records, and produced and mastered by Eremin at Jack The Bear’s.
It is available via iTunes and Bandcamp.

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