New DAYS Dawning

Mary, Jesus and Joseph. 
First the announcements of fan favourites returning and now this… Something special is brewing on the set of Days of Our Lives – if any of these tweets are anything to go by. 

September 26 is now becoming the most talked about event on the set of DAYS. Why?  Because these messages from the shows superstars have made it into the universe – and fans are now uncontrollably excited. You know that feeling you get at the end of Friday’s cliffhanging episode? Well, it’s back. 

Get excited folks.
Patrick Muldoon (Austin)
“At NBC about to do my first scene back at DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!!”

“So great to see Ali-Christie. Kristian Alfonso just said “welcome home” I think I’m getting emotional hahaha OK it’s ON! Let’s Rock This!”

“End of Day no. 1 … Show is gonna be great!”

Peter Reckell (Bo)
“The show we did Tuesday, so much history, Dr. and Mrs. H:-) :-)”
“This stuff we are doing for September you cannot miss!”
“Ken Corday is pulling out all the stops! These shows are going to be amazing! Wait till you see who is coming back!!!”
Kristian Alfonso (Hope)
“Working in Salem ,just a little peek ; )”
Judie Henninger (Writer/Producer/Editor)
“Producing a behind the scenes shoot in the studio tomorrow…lots of cast members including Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn!”
“Days comes back from hiatus next week and there’s so much happening i including a behind the scenes shoot…more teases to come.”
Wally Kurth (Justin)
“Hanging in the NEW Horton Square at DOOL. I like it.”
Judi Evans (Adrienne)
“#1 happy family…. ;)”
Molly Burnett (Melanie)
“Well look who I found!!!!”
“Still kickin on set! Oh myyyy”
“That’s a wrap! Back in at 645!”
Marlene McPherson (Co-Head Writer)
“The news is out! Carrie and Austin are back! We have fun in store for everyone! New shows start taping Monday! Can’t wait!”
“WOW!!! The big event is taping now! Old friends and new are all here! Get ready for big emotion, romance and fun! It’s a brand new DOOL!”
Ray Thomas (Co-Head Writer)
“An incredible day in Salem! So exciting! What a beautiful and handsome cast!”

7 thoughts on “New DAYS Dawning

  1. Thanks for your comment 'SalemOnSalem', great point, magic and wizardry just don't cut the soap mix for daytime television. Clearly did not win over fans on Passions. I'm praying and I'm hoping Marlene and Darrell have left that writing on the Passions set. I believe veteran characters must be utilised better and cross over with the young generation – similar to how Maggie has reached out to Melanie. The Horton and Brady families are the cornerstone of the show and I would hate for those family names to just simply die out and non-exist. Fingers crossed they can pull this off.

  2. Great rundown of the twitter news. I am so curious to see how all these staff changes play out. I hope my idea of a good direction for the show is close to the new writers and Corday. If it is just old people talking, or worse yet involves magic or wizards or something, it will be a big let down.

  3. I agree Rach, if they think this is a 'quick fix' for a short term ratings grab then they should seriously reconsider the length and quality of the storylines. All that effort to pay extra dollars for bringing back old characters and new sets must be considered when they are planning and producing their stories. Drama is much better scripted using character driven creativity. Most importantly though, the quality of drama must be sustainable.

  4. Hi B, please let this be more than a few weeks of a love-in, and a real change in direction for the show. I'm happy that there are new sets, and some of the better actors from the past are back, but it needs to be maintained.

    I'm hopeful, so very hopeful but if Drake and Dee are in another 'stuck in the dungeon/I've lost my mind thing..'

    I don't think I can take it. xo

  5. According to the tweet from Wally Kurth, it has something to do with the new 'Horton Town Square'…. it's probably what happens at the event that is going to change everybody's lives forever!

  6. No. I doubt it. Most likely it is a celebration for DR and Mrs Horton.

  7. It looks a little like Kristin is dressed up for a wedding. Are Bo and Hope renewing their vows…again?

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