DAYS: Goodbye Peter Reckell / Bo Brady… *UPDATED*

CONFIRMED: Peter Reckell has confirmed he will leave Days of Our Lives this October…. 

The news has not been good over the last couple of days….Bo Brady played by Peter Reckell, our Days of Our Lives hero who has been part of the soap for the last three decades is rumoured to be leaving the show! I honestly hope there is one last final twist to this rumour and our favourite motorcycling hunk can remain on our much loved soap opera! Here’s why we love Bo Brady oh so much! #SaveBoBrady

Days Of Our Lives Shock February Promo!

February DAYS storylines are about to make an almighty twist and a smashing turn when the contents of Stefano and Alice’s safe deposit box is revealed. Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is married to John Black (Drake Hogestyn)… Insert a very shocked look on the face of Marlena (Deidre Hall) and Bo (Peter Reckell). Looks like our favourite soap veterans are about to become front and centre news on the all new Days of Our Lives!

September Spectacular! Special New Promo for DAYS OF OUR LIVES!

THE MOMENT we fans of Days of Our Lives have been waiting for! All in the name of HORTON, the show bounces back like never before! How quick of a momentum swing in one minute and nineteen seconds. The official NBC promo for Days of Our Lives is out and it’s looking well and truly like the Salem of old! There’s the intrigue, the drama, the homecomings, the marriage proposal and the ode to the icons of daytime soap television. From what I have noticed, the characters look much more poised, no over the top acting and plenty of class. Whoever thought of the idea to have Victor splash his wedding proposal message to Maggie – which seems like pink neon lights is an absolute legend! Amazing costumes… How good to see the characters that made the show famous brought back to the forefront. Doug, Julie, Adrienne, Justin, Lexi and Abe… this is an iconic show about to turn the much awaited corner and finally bring classic soap back into our lounge rooms once again!
The detail put into the sets and lighting look tremendous. Looks like there was not a cent spared. Yes, that includes the amount of cream used on the cake that Jack Deveraux finally lands himself into. We get to wave at Carrie and Austin at the top of the balcony – much to Salem’s surprise, but the big one is Hope and Bo introducing the shows stalwarts Marlena and John as they make their long awaited return to Salem! It’s not all picture perfect in Salem, yes Stefano and Kate watch on as EJ announces to the towns citizens that he is running for Mayor, plus Sami is horrified when Rafe places John Black under arrest! The drama is back, so it’s looking like there is no bomb or massacre….yet, but just the clever script writing to showcase our much loved characters and the fine production and direction that this show deserves. 
Welcome home DAYS.
September 2011 Promo – Days of Our Lives

New DAYS Dawning

Mary, Jesus and Joseph. 
First the announcements of fan favourites returning and now this… Something special is brewing on the set of Days of Our Lives – if any of these tweets are anything to go by. 

September 26 is now becoming the most talked about event on the set of DAYS. Why?  Because these messages from the shows superstars have made it into the universe – and fans are now uncontrollably excited. You know that feeling you get at the end of Friday’s cliffhanging episode? Well, it’s back. 

Get excited folks.
Patrick Muldoon (Austin)
“At NBC about to do my first scene back at DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!!”

“So great to see Ali-Christie. Kristian Alfonso just said “welcome home” I think I’m getting emotional hahaha OK it’s ON! Let’s Rock This!”

“End of Day no. 1 … Show is gonna be great!”

Peter Reckell (Bo)
“The show we did Tuesday, so much history, Dr. and Mrs. H:-) :-)”
“This stuff we are doing for September you cannot miss!”
“Ken Corday is pulling out all the stops! These shows are going to be amazing! Wait till you see who is coming back!!!”
Kristian Alfonso (Hope)
“Working in Salem ,just a little peek ; )”
Judie Henninger (Writer/Producer/Editor)
“Producing a behind the scenes shoot in the studio tomorrow…lots of cast members including Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn!”
“Days comes back from hiatus next week and there’s so much happening i including a behind the scenes shoot…more teases to come.”
Wally Kurth (Justin)
“Hanging in the NEW Horton Square at DOOL. I like it.”
Judi Evans (Adrienne)
“#1 happy family…. ;)”
Molly Burnett (Melanie)
“Well look who I found!!!!”
“Still kickin on set! Oh myyyy”
“That’s a wrap! Back in at 645!”
Marlene McPherson (Co-Head Writer)
“The news is out! Carrie and Austin are back! We have fun in store for everyone! New shows start taping Monday! Can’t wait!”
“WOW!!! The big event is taping now! Old friends and new are all here! Get ready for big emotion, romance and fun! It’s a brand new DOOL!”
Ray Thomas (Co-Head Writer)
“An incredible day in Salem! So exciting! What a beautiful and handsome cast!”