Gypsy & The Cat made an immediate impact with the screaming crowd as they took to the stage in their support act for Kylie Minogue on June 14, 15 & 16 at Rod Laver Arena. 
Unfortunately for the band, their Perth performance was cancelled due to the volcanic ash cloud that restricted flights in and out of Western Australia and Victoria. Kylie’s fans for the Perth show were warmed up and entertained by Kylie’s DJ, enough for them to prime themselves for Madam Minogue herself. It’s unfortunate for Perth show goers as I’m sure they would have really enjoyed seeing Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers spin their magic on stage. They looked relaxed on their home turf in Melbourne with 30 minutes of performance time. Those in the queue for Splash Zone entry heard the name Gypsy & The Cat float around the floor, some not heard of the band at all. On a personal note, I vouched for the boys, hinting to those infront and behind that they were about to witness something special – my words caught the attention of a man standing aside, he approached me and said that he was glad he heard me say that as one of the boys from the band was his son. He stood proud… Good on him too. We got to hear a few goodies, including Time To Wander, The Piper’s Song and Jona Vark. Remember the name folks – GYPSY & THE CAT…In this video we are treated to a special live rendition of The Piper’s Song. 
Photos: Brian Peel
Copyright 2011 theaussieword
Gypsy & The Cat – The Piper’s Song


  1. I must admit I was not looking forward to seeing this band due to being impatient waiting for Kylie to come on but I was really surprised at how good they were. I was only familiar with Joan of Arc but I thought the other songs were great. I did feel for them as a couple of the concerts we were at had people yelling for Kylie when they were playing which I guess is normal but they deserved the chance. Overall a great band and I will be getting their CD =)

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