Chic Vinyl Collection Release

Chic has been nominated seven times for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and their vinyl efforts will be celebrated with a new collection.

With the year Nile Rodgers has had with Daft Punk it may be proof that the producer and his band (with Bernard Edwards) have influence and true staying power.
Chicโ€™s legacy will be chronicled on August 26 with the Chic 12โ€ณ Singles Collection, five 12โ€ณ vinyl records with ten of the bandโ€™s best known songs in their original extended form.
For those that donโ€™t remember, during the disco era, extended versions of many songs were released on 12โ€ณ singles for use in clubs. Those versions were rarely released outside of that format for fans of the artists.
Included are all of Chicโ€™s charting singles from their first three album, including such classics as Le Freak, I Want Your Love and Good Times, along with 1982โ€ฒs Hanginโ€™ and 1992โ€ฒs Chic Mystique, all housed in retro disco sleeves.
Track List:
Disc 1: Dance, Dance, Dance / Everybody Dance
Disc 2: Le Freak / I Want Your Love
Disc 3: Chic Cheer / Good Times
Disc 4: My Forbidden Lover / My Feet Keep Dancing
Disc 5: Hanginโ€™ / Chic Mystique

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