The Bold and the Beautiful: ‘Goodbye Stephanie Forrester’

Susan Flannery aka Stephanie Forrester is leaving The Bold and the Beautiful. Yes, hell has frozen over. This is great news for Susan as she can wind down, however sad news for fans who are about to endure a very very sad ending this December. Here’s a grab from TV Guide Magazine’s interview with the shows Executive Producer Bradley Bell:
TV Guide Magazine: So Stephanie is told there’s no hope whatsoever?
Bell: She receives the diagnosis that the cancer has spread and that there is no chance for survival. Stephanie has always been a woman of great strength and character and she’s determined to deal with this in her own way. She doesn’t want tears and long faces — she wants a celebration of her life, a blowout to end all blowouts. She’ll definitely be in touch with her mortality, living each day as if it’s her last, and she’s determined to make the most of every moment. After the diagnosis there is some initial shock, but she is quick to create a purpose — the party — and that becomes her obsession. She wants everyone to remember her in peak form. And that’s the way Susan feels, too. She wants to go out on top.

TV Guide Magazine: Sounds a bit like the bucket-list party Stephanie threw after her diagnosis.
Bell: Yes, only much bigger! She’ll be inviting a lot of people to the party but certain people will receive hand-written invitations that will be delivered personally by Stephanie. This is going to play out on air starting Oct. 18 for eight [consecutive] episodes. Each day Stephanie goes to one of the key people in her life — her sister Pam, her son Thorne, her best friend Taylor, her namesake Steffy — and tells them her time is up and that she’s throwing herself a party. Donna will also have a day, as will Brooke, of course. Stephanie and Brooke are the true supercouple of B&B. Each day will be a video tribute to one of Stephanie’s great relationships, with lots of flashbacks featuring the “best of” moments. We’ve even worked out a way to have Stephanie visit with her old pal Sally Spectra [played by the late Darlene Conley], with Fabio as a special guest since he was a part of their story.

TV Guide Magazine: What about Ridge? How can he not be there to say goodbye his mother?
Bell: There’s a big question as to whether or not Ridge will show up for the party. He may make a surprise appearance…you never know!

TV Guide Magazine: Might he show up looking just like Ronn Moss?
Bell: [Laughs] You just never know! It’s a possibility. Stephanie’s daughters Kristen and Felicia will also be there. We’re firing up the Forrester living room set for the last time. Emotion will be filling that room.

….Holy Jesus. It’s the end of an era.