Belinda Carlisle ‘Anthology’ Special Release!

Ok Belinda Carlisle fans… read on! We’re getting Anthology’s, 3 discs, 2 DVD’s and an array of collectibles. Belinda is really spoiling her fans now!

Artist: Belinda Carlisle
Title: The Anthology
Release Date: March 17, 2014
Label: Demon UK
Format(s): 3-CDs/2-DVDs, DD

Foreign record companies release the best sets. Case in point, a brand new solo career retrospective for ex-Go-Go Belinda Carlisle. Demon UK’s The Anthology includes three CDs of music plus two DVDs of video and will be out March 17.

Discs 1 and 2 collect Carlisle’s singles, including such hits as Heaven is a Place on Earth, I Get Weak, Mad About You and Circle in the Sand. Disc 3 has five rarities along with Live in Tokyo 2013, a fourteen song performance that combines her biggest solo hits with songs from the Go-Go’s era. 

DVD 1 is a collection of 28 videos made for her catalog while DVD 2 includes thirteen performances on the BBC, an Electronic Press Kit for Place on Earth: Greatest Hits and three TV ads. 

The set is packaged in a 12″ x 12″ photo book with new sleeve notes by Justin Kantor.

Track List:

Disc 1 (The Singles I)
  • (We Want) The Same Thing (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • Heaven Is A Place On Earth (from Heaven on Earth, 1987)
  • Live Your Life Be Free (from Live Your Life Be Free, 1991)
  • Leave A Light On (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • I Get Weak (from Heaven on Earth, 1987)
  • I Plead Insanity (from Live Your Life Be Free, 1991)
  • Big Scary Animal (from Real, 1993)
  • Mad About You (from Belinda, 1986)
  • Always Breaking My Heart (from A Woman and a Man, 1996) 
  • Sun (from Icon: The Best of Belinda Carlisle, 2013)
  • I Still Love Him (single and bonus track from Voila, 2007)
  • Little Black Book (from Live Your Life Be Free, 1991)
  • Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] (from Belinda, 1986)
  • World Without You (from Heaven on Earth, 1987)
  • Vision Of You [‘91 Mix] (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • Half The World (from Live Your Life Be Free, 1991)
Disc 2 (The Singles II)
  • Circle In The Sand (from Heaven on Earth, 1987)
  • In Too Deep (from A Woman and a Man, 1996) 
  • Summer Rain (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • Runaway Horses (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • Do You Feel Like I Feel (from Live Your Life Be Free, 1991)
  • All God’s Children (from A Place on Earth: The Greatest Hits, 1999)
  • I Feel The Magic (from Belinda, 1986)
  • I Feel Free (from Heaven on Earth, 1987)
  • Valentine (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • A Prayer For Everyone (from A Place on Earth: The Greatest Hits, 1999)
  • California (from A Woman and a Man, 1996) 
  • Lay Down Your Arms (from Real, 1993)
  • La Luna (from Runaway Horses, 1989)
  • Love In The Key Of C (from A Woman and a Man, 1996) 
  • Love Never Dies (from Heaven on Earth, 1987)
  • Goodbye Just Go (new song)
Disc 3
  • Rarities
    • Dancing In The City (from the Burglar soundtrack 1987)
    • Bless The Beasts And The Children (from the PETA compilation Tame Yourself 1991)
    • Christmas Lullaby (from the compilation Mother & Child 1995)
    • I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) (from the Hercules soundtrack 1997 )
    • Submission (from the compilation Essential Interpretations 1998)
  • Live in Tokyo 2013
    • Runaway Horses
    • I Get Weak
    • In Too Deep
    • California
    • Circle In The Sand
    • Vision Of You
    • La Luna
    • Summer Rain
    • Vacation
    • Our Lips Are Sealed
    • Leave A Light On
    • Heaven Is A Place On Earth
    • Emotional Highway
    • We Got The Beat
DVD 1 (The Videos)
  • Mad About You
  • I Feel The Magic
  • Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  • I Get Weak
  • Circle In The Sand
  • World Without You
  • I Feel Free
  • Love Never Dies
  • Leave A Light On
  • La Luna
  • Runaway Horses
  • Vision Of You
  • (We Want) The Same Thing
  • Summer Rain
  • Live Your Life Be Free
  • Do You Feel Like I Feel
  • Half The World
  • I Plead Insanity
  • Little Black Book
  • Big Scary Animal [UK Version]
  • Big Scary Animal [US Version]
  • Lay Down Your Arms
  • In Too Deep
  • Always Breaking My Heart
  • California
  • Love In The Key Of C
  • All God’s Children
  • Sun
  • BC on BBC-TV
    • Heaven Is A Place On Earth [Top Of The Pops]
    • I Get Weak [Wogan]
    • Leave A Light On [Top Of The Pops]
    • Runaway Horses [Wogan]
    • Interview with Philip Schofield [Going Live]
    • (We Want) The Same Thing [Top Of The Pops]
    • Live Your Life Be Free [Top Of The Pops]
    • Do You Feel Like I Feel [Top Of The Pops]
    • Interview with Caron Keating [Summer Scene]
    • Big Scary Animal [Top Of The Pops]
    • Lay Down Your Arms [Live & Kicking]
    • Interview with John Barrowman [Live & Kicking]
    • California [National Lottery]
  • Bonus Features
    • Place On Earth: Greatest Hits – EPK
    • Best Of Belinda – TV ad
    • Place On Earth: Greatest Hits – TV ad
    • Live Your Life Be Free – TV ad

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