Australian Bands That Have Made It Overseas But Not in Australia

“It’s hard to find an Aussie band that hasn’t made it at home, but here are a couple of Australian bands that have made it overseas but not in Australia.”

Australia is an amazing and diverse continent, the home of some of the strangest animals and people, all races, some of the best beaches, pubs, and casinos and of course, bands. To find an online casino in Australia or a land-based one, or a pub with pokies is as easy as bumping on an Asian person. But, to find a good band is even easier.

Australia has given the world some of the most amazing bands: AC/DC, Inxs, Cold Chisel, Crowded House, Midnight Oil, The Bee Gees, Silverchair, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and many other. We all know their story and their success both in Australia and overseas. However, let’s see the bands that have made it overseas, have become an underground cult in the US or the UK, but are still obscure here.

If you want a restless yet unified journey into the Australian mystic, this is the band. Blank Realm have never received the proper attention in Australia, but thanks to Bedroom Suck Records, people from all over the world that like underground music are asking about them. Blank Realm were on the shortlist for the 2014 Australian Music Prize, and in the Queensland Music Awards for Album of the Year, but never really stood a chance. Yet, people that attend obscure clubs overseas where only 30 people can be seen in front of the stage are still asking about them. Blank Realm never sticks to a single genre. Started as a noise group and advanced to a matured band that is capable of pop hooks.

eddy current

Eddy Current Suppression Ring

This is the band that made it possible for obscure garage bands like Blank Realm to be able to play overseas. Eddy Current Suppression Ring is a band inspired by acts like The Pagans, X, The Standells and The Troggs, and in 2008 came to short-lived prominence in Australia by being nominated for various rewards at the Jägermeister Australian Independent Record (AIR) Awards, J-Awards, and the 2008 ARIA Awards for their second most popular album. They never got an award, but overseas they were loved by people that know how to appreciate obscure acts and paved the way for other Australian bands.

Lower Plenty

The possibilities in store for this beautiful melancholic suburban country band are endless. Lower Plenty is comprised by some of the most talented Melbourne musicians, yet they still don’t get the fame in Australia that they deserve. However, they have played at many clubs overseas as well as festivals and people that know how to appreciate good music are asking every Aussie about them.

lower plenty


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