12 July, 2018 – Episode 98: #MorningShow989 with special guests Yoke Lore & Hansson

On this week’s #MorningShow989, special guest singer/songwriters Yoke Lore and Hansson join us LIVE from New York City, we hear from a bunch of indigenous artists for Naidoc Week plus your usual mix of fresh hits and #throwbackthursday classics.

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Sannia stops by theaussieword.com for a special interview.

Give us an introduction. How did it all begin? What had you first interested in music? If my mum were here she’d tell you I was an uncomfortable active foetus whenever she played music in the car; I’ve always been obsessed with music and sound. I started piano lessons when I was four and for a long time that was the path I thought I would go down – classical pianist and composer, around fifteen I quit piano and took up singing because I just really felt the need to express myself even further, I was really drawn to poetry and lyrics and started writing my own songs and haven’t really looked back since.Continue reading

December 14, 2017: #MorningShow989 with special guests Sarah C & GOTTA ‘Philippe Arcostanzo’

#MorningShow989 this week continues the #BestOf2017 – a look back at some of the hottest tracks from 2017. Australian singer/songwriter, actress and model Sarah C is special guest co-host plus there’s a very special interview across the other side of the world, the French Riviera in Nice in-fact with French DJ …

AUS PREMIERE – NEW MUSIC: Smith & Thell ‘Toast’

theaussieword.com has the exclusive Australian premiere of Smith & Thell’s brand new single and music video ‘Toast’! You can also listen to #MorningShow989 this morning for the exclusive radio premiere in Australia!

Maria and Victor joined Brian Peel on #MorningShow989 in March this year for a warm, funny and special interview, check out the podcast here!

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: LUNAZ ft. Frankie Balou ‘Time After Time’


German based DJ, Producer and Songwriter LUNAZ teams up with the gorgeous Frankie Balou for a amping and stunning rendition of 80’s Cyndi Lauper track Time After Time – check this out!

Brian Peel caught up with LUNAZ for a special radio interview and an Australian first, the premiere of their brand new single Time After Time on Melbourne’s 98.9 North West FM’s #MorningShow989 – look for the podcast!

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NEW MUSIC: Oh Mercy ‘Gonna Go Live On Mars’


A Melbourne favourite of mine Alex Gow from Oh Mercy retuuuuuuuuurns with a new tune. A track delivered directly to Mr Donald Trump on his birthday. It’s a beauty… I’m sure the thought has crossed many people’s minds over the last year or so.

Take a listen to Oh Mercy’s Gonna Go Live On Mars

Find more Oh Mercy material right here on theaussieword.com including my special on air interview with Alex Gow last year.

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May 25, 2017: #MorningShow989 with special guest Errol Sammut / Airport Impressions

Errol Sammut from Airport Impressions over in Malta is this week’s special guest on #MorningShow989. We have the Australian premiere of new single Burton’s Song, a track inspired by his nephew, proceeds from the track donated in aid of autism plus the first Australian play of Mariette, another Airport Impressions hit. We have a bunch of #ThrowBackThursday classics from Cathy Dennis, Bonnie Tyler, Kylie Minogue Rick Price and others plus fresh hits including Kirstin, Holy Holy, Fred Falke and Kacy Hill. It’s all happening on The Morning Show with Brian Peel on 98.9 North West FM.  

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NEW MUSIC: Drake Jensen ‘Wherever Love Takes Us’

As Australia grapples with issues surrounding same sex marriage and the current impact of a hurtful debate on the rights of the LGBTI community, 95a2a84d-2801-4cd5-b259-aab1183971a3Canada’s Drake Jensen has already walked the path.

With singles and airplay already under his belt, it was the dedication of his single‘On My Way to Finding You’ in 2012 to Ottawa teenager Jamie Hubley (who committed suicide after severe bullying) that cemented Drake Jensen as not only an accomplished musician, but also a courageous one, coming out to the notoriously conservative country music establishment in a big way.

Now in 2016, Jensen has released a brand new track ‘Wherever Love Takes Us’, an ode to love in all its forms and a reminder to his fans in Australia of the universality of the world’s most powerful force.

“My early-life story is one that’s punctuated by abuse at home, bullying at school and repressing who I truly was. It was when I saw the appalling story of Jamie that I realised that his story wasn’t that far from my own and many, many other LGBTI teenagers who are struggling with who they are and to find acceptance in a world that simply doesn’t understand.”Continue reading

Australian Bands That Have Made It Overseas But Not in Australia

“It’s hard to find an Aussie band that hasn’t made it at home, but here are a couple of Australian bands that have made it overseas but not in Australia.”

Australia is an amazing and diverse continent, the home of some of the strangest animals and people, all races, some of the best beaches, pubs, and casinos and of course, bands. To find an online casino in Australia or a land-based one, or a pub with pokies is as easy as bumping on an Asian person. But, to find a good band is even easier.

Australia has given the world some of the most amazing bands: AC/DC, Inxs, Cold Chisel, Crowded House, Midnight Oil, The Bee Gees, Silverchair, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and many other. We all know their story and their success both in Australia and overseas. However, let’s see the bands that have made it overseas, have become an underground cult in the US or the UK, but are still obscure here.

If you want a restless yet unified journey into the Australian mystic, this is the band. Blank Realm have never received the proper attention in Australia, but thanks to Bedroom Suck Records, people from all over the world that like underground music are asking about them. Blank Realm were on the shortlist for the 2014 Australian Music Prize, and in the Queensland Music Awards for Album of the Year, but never really stood a chance. Yet, people that attend obscure clubs overseas where only 30 people can be seen in front of the stage are still asking about them. Blank Realm never sticks to a single genre. Started as a noise group and advanced to a matured band that is capable of pop hooks.

eddy current

Eddy Current Suppression Ring

This is the band that made it possible for obscure garage bands like Blank Realm to be able to play overseas. Eddy Current Suppression Ring is a band inspired by acts like The Pagans, X, The Standells and The Troggs, and in 2008 came to short-lived prominence in Australia by being nominated for various rewards at the Jägermeister Australian Independent Record (AIR) Awards, J-Awards, and the 2008 ARIA Awards for their second most popular album. They never got an award, but overseas they were loved by people that know how to appreciate obscure acts and paved the way for other Australian bands.

Lower Plenty

The possibilities in store for this beautiful melancholic suburban country band are endless. Lower Plenty is comprised by some of the most talented Melbourne musicians, yet they still don’t get the fame in Australia that they deserve. However, they have played at many clubs overseas as well as festivals and people that know how to appreciate good music are asking every Aussie about them.

lower plenty


Two movies to get you in the mood for Rio 2016.

The summer Olympics in Rio are only a few months away

It’s not too long until we’ll all be glued to our TV screens, willing all the Aussie athletes to go for gold at the summer Olympics in Rio. For the whole of August, from the opening ceremony on 5th August through to the closing ceremony on 21st August, the TV schedules will be packed with sport.

At the Games of the XXXI Olympiad (aka Rio 2016), we’ll have some strong medal contenders in swimming – with the Campbell sisters, Mitch Larkin and Cameron McEvoy. In rowing, Kim Crow is preparing for her third Olympic games, and will want to improve on her success in London 2012, when she brought home a silver and bronze in the double and single sculls. Meanwhile, Jason Day is one of the favourites to win gold in the golf in Rio. This will be the first year that golf is included in the Olympics since the 1904 Olympics in St Louis. Although it’s probably still a little early to get a bet on your favourite Olympic hopefuls just yet, you can keep up to speed on all sports bet news for both Aussie and international sports at bet365.

If you’re not feeling in the Olympics ‘zone’ for Rio just yet, one way to do so is to watch movies that have an Olympic theme to them. Two movies that have been recently released give two completely different takes on the spirit of the Olympics. One is a biopic of the life of the great Jesse Owens – released in February this year – while the other is a tongue-in-cheek comedy called The Bronze, which had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January last year and will go on release in March 2016.



The Olympiastadion in Berlin, where Jesse Owens took part in the 1936 Olympics

The story of Jesse Owens is one that has been told in film in the past in The Jesse Owens Story (1984) where the story begins with Owens being accused of tax evasion in the 1960s. As the court-appointed investigator looks into Owens’ back story, the story of Owens’ life full of adversity and triumph is revealed.

In Race, the 2016 retelling of the Jesse Owens’ story, we again see the athlete’s story – and his trials and tribulations on and off the race track. The film was directed by Stephen Hopkins and stars Stephan James as Owen. Jason Sudeikis plays Larry Synder, the Ohio State University coach who acted as Owens’ mentor during his university years and went with him to Berlin, while Jeremy Irons plays Avery Brundage, the man who convinced the Olympic Committee to allow the American team to travel to the Germany Olympics in 1936.

Written by husband and wife team, Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse, the screenplay covers the Big Ten Championships in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1935, when Owens set three world records and equalled a fourth. It also covers his agonising over whether to be involved in the 1936 Olympics and how he was lobbied by both sides before his eventual triumph. But there’s also a look into Owens’ personal life. He had a complicated relationship with his wife and was father to three daughters.

In a completely different approach, The Bronze is a fictional comedy that is all about a former bronze gymnastics medallist who has become used to being the biggest celebrity in her home town in Ohio. Melissa Rauch, from the Big Bang Theory, plays Hope Ann Gregory, who has been living on her bronze medal achievement for a lot longer than she should have been. She’s a big fish in a small pond and, because of her celebrity, gets away with being vile to almost everyone around her.

But when the film begins, not only is her fame wearing thin but then a new teenage gymnast prodigy, 16-year-old Maggie (Haley Lu Richardson) starts to gain the townsfolk’s attention. When Hope’s old coach, Coach P, dies, his death brings the two female gymnasts together. The deceased coach has written Hope a letter, promising her $500,000 if she coaches Maggie to train for the upcoming games in Toronto. Even though she wants the cash, Hope is so bitter at the thought of Maggie doing well that she does all she can to prevent Maggie succeeding, including putting her on an extra fat diet.

Into the mix comes Hope’s ex-boyfriend – a former gold and silver medal gymnast hunk – who takes over Maggie’s training for the Toronto games. The Bronze is a comedy that’s full of pretty crude jokes, with many of the funny lines delivered in the high squeaky tones Rauch made famous on the Big Bang Theory. It’s a film full of cheap laughs and vulgar jokes. If you want to watch a film that puts you in an Olympic frame of mind, you’re probably not going to get that feeling with The Bronze. Race is probably the pony to bet on for that feel-good Olympic feeling in the build-up to this summer’s sporting extravaganza!