New Music: Darren Hayes ‘We Are Smug’

On April 14 the 2006 ‘secret’ side project album Darren Hayes made with producer Robert Conley‘We Are Smug’ – is finally getting a commercial release on CD and iTunes with a brand new never before heard bonus song ‘Riot’.

For those unfamiliar, Darren originally made the experimental and eccentric alter-ego album in 2006 for no other reason than to have fun.  He and co-writer and co-producer Conley shared the vocal duties and created something that was unlike anything Darren had ever written or recorded before.  At the time it was only available as a download for a limited period before disappearing.  Until now.

For the first time ever, the album is being commercially released on CD and iTunes and both versions have the bonus previously never before released song ‘Riot’.

It’s a bold and strange experimental record – not for the faint hearted  but for those who have followed Darren’s career closely – an integral artistic step between ‘The Tension and the Spark’ and the highly conceptual ‘This Delicate Thing We’ve Made’ era.

‘We Are Smug’ is a strange and wonderful addition to Darren’s eclectic pop career and on April 14 it can finally be yours to hold.

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