THEAUSSIEWORD Single Review: ELI DAN – Just Another Love Song

Eli Dan’s debut single, Treading Water, was a finalist in the 2019 International Song Competition. Now, the emerging Australian music artist has followed that up with Eli with Just Another Love SongEli Dan harnesses the pop sensibilities and extraordinary vocal skill of Elisha Apurado (Eli) and the folk-based roots style of consummate musician Danny Hacket (Dan). Together  Eli Dan transforms into a sensational artistic force, exploring a genre that’s a mix of Sara Bareilles, John Mayer, LAUV and Vera Blue. 

Just Another Love Song blends acoustic guitar and piano elements with electronic textures, layering it all to generate a rich, rousing contemporary pop track with a universal and vividly relatable lyric. This powerful song explores the age-old question: ‘Is it better to have loved or not have loved at all?’ As part of the chorus lyric states, I know about love, I’ve read all the stories and I can count one by one, the fairy tales and glories—this awareness is reflected in the maturity of the record’s structure, sonic embellishments and perhaps most importantly, Eli’s soaring, self-assured vocal.

As Eli has said about the creative process, ‘Through writing lyrics and songs from life experience, the music brings to light the side of life that is usually not spoken about. To show that even though life might be tough, sometimes there’s beauty in the pain and everything can be beautiful no matter how ugly it may seem.’ From the opening synth pulses to the final chorus’ galvanising flow, Just Another Love Song skilfully fuses a strong sense of effective dynamics, melodic know-how, and Eli’s emotional charged vocal performance, breathing new life into a familiar subject matter. Just Another Love Song is not just another love song but a passionate reaffirmation of a new kind of ode to modern love.

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