Exclusive Special Interview: Patricia ‘Patsy’ Pease / Kimberly Brady DAYS OF OUR LIVES!

A very special exclusive interview with popular daytime star the beautiful Patsy Pease! You will know Patsy from her long running stint on US soap Days of Our Lives. Patsy debuted in 1984, bringing the stunning character of Kimberly Brady to life.

Kimberly Brady made her first appearance on Days of Our Lives in 1984. What is it you remember most from your first day on set? My wardrobe: Tony DiMera’s sheet! Lol Introducing myself to a crew I’d never seen before (in a sheet) was well…”Baptism under fire!” Lol


Did you buddy up with anybody or have another cast member take you under his or her wing?
Thaoo was so kind to me. He kind of led me around like a puppy. Also, Peggy McCay was such an inspiration.

Shane and Kimberly are such an iconic daytime supercouple. Did you ever think your pairing would become as big as it did?
Not at all! I didn’t know what a “Super Couple” was. It wasn’t until the “crew” took notice (They are pretty indifferent to everything,since they’ve seen it all, heard it all, seen ’em come and go…etc.) When the crew paid attention to our scenes..we knew we had something special.

What was it like for you bringing Kimberly Brady back to Salem for Alice Horton’s funeral? You delivered some amazing scenes opposite Shane at Bo & Hope’s… How did you go reuniting with the rest of the cast?
First of all, thank you! The schedule had changed drastically since the last time I was there. It was like “Daytime Drama” was on speed! Lol Everything was done twice as fast. By the end of the day, I felt like I flew out of food blender into the parking lot! No one had time to “catch up”. It was “Hello, long time” Then you heard the stage manager yelling,….”5,4,3,2, you’re on!!”

What are your fondest memories of Frances Reid and Macdonald Carey?

When I was preparing for the “Blind” storyline, I went to the L.A. School For the Blind to do “research” (An Actor Prepares) I ran into MacDonald there. (He was researching for a book of poetry) I shouted,”Mac!” A small blind girl turned and said,”Kimberly?? You sound so different than you do on television!” Which was precious because, people tell me all the time how I look. Refreshing, she knew my voice.

Shane and Kimberly have had many memorable “moments”; do you have a favourite storyline?
I liked the comedy. Charley and I had similar training and he is very funny. I love our “paint fight scene” (Shane and Kayla were together at the time.) I love the animals we worked with, horses, penguins, tarantulas and alligators. (lions and tigers and bears…Oh My!) Lol

Friends and Lovers! All the fans tie back the Gloria Loring / Carl Anderson masterpiece back to Shane and Kimberly’s love. Did you ever watch back those montages that made fans all emotional? How was it having Gloria Loring perform this live on set?
There are some montages fans did that look professionally done. Fans have an absolute genius for choosing just the right scenes and music. I have been consistently blown away by their craft. And, yes, they made me cry several times. Gloria Loring is a mentor to me as well. She has a light when she performs that just beams. I was so taken by her singing,”Friends and Lovers” I forgot my lines!

There were some great scenes filmed out in England and also on location in Miami in 1985, the pairing of you with crime boss Victor Kiriakis, the blindness storyline and Andrew’s paternity. These were the stories that I think setup Shane and Kimberly for a beautiful love story. What’s your take on these episodes and storylines and do you think it shaped what Shane and Kimberly became?

Absolutely! Those stories drove human being’s most basic instincts.. survival, security, protection of family, loyalty, etc. It also addressed making Kimberly extraordinarily vulnerable and refusing to ask for help. This created tension between the characters..which can become..well..er…”sexual tension.”

Shane’s prayer for Andrew… Kimberly at her finest!


The character of Kimberly has been through so much! She’s risked her life to save Eve; she’s been framed for Emma’s murder, manipulated by Cal and even attacked by Eve’s pimp! The helicopter crash and the 1986 Kern River storyline was my favourite of all-time. What was it like delivering such action packed scenes with Deidre, Drake, Kristian, Charles, John and Peter?

Those were the good old “days” when we actually packed up and went on location.. We had the budgets back then. I loved being on location, running around that river! As an actor, you had automatic conflict and when an actor has “conflict” to play…he can sizzle.

What’s your take on Stefano DiMera? Will it take a Kimberly Brady to bring him down?
The Phoenix!! Kimberly may not be able to pull that one off. After all ..how many times has that guy died and come back to life?? Lol He’s like Florida roaches…he never dies! Lol

Kimberly’s wedding day to Shane was a very traditional catholic ceremony. Even Ave Maria made the soundtrack! What was your reaction when you read the script?
Well, you know the Brady’s are Irish Catholic. I loved the traditional simplicity of it all. It gave deep reverence to their union. I have enormous respect for the writers and producers choice of joining our super couple!

The Brady Fish Market and The Brady Pub have witnessed some memorable Brady moments with you, Caroline, Shawn, Roman, Kayla and Bo. Are there any standout episodes that are memorable to you?
I like the scene where Kimberly confronted Uncle Eric in the fish market. I also love Frank Parker singing “Danny Boy” with the family. Classic Brady!

A little birdie tells us that you may be visiting Salem soon!?
Since I live in Florida now (3,250 miles from Ca.), it’s going to be a Hell of a commute! Lol Funny, the minute you think your career is over and leave Ca. That’s when they call you back! Go figure! Lol

What words would you like to leave your Aussie fans with here today!

It is a personal goal of mine to visit “the land down under”. I have several Aussie friends in L.A. And they are hysterical fun! It seems Aussie’s are born with an extra “funny bone!” I love that and we need more of it. Thank you everyone for your support and dedication all these years..it’s because of folks like you, that I still have a job. I will try my best to make you proud!

Powerful powerful POWERFUL Patsy! LOVE this flashback!

A HUGE thank you to Patsy Pease for taking the time out to do this interview with me and reaching out to all Aussie & Worldwide ‘DOOL’ fans! Thanks for the great opportunity to have those nostalgic DAYS moments revisited! For the record Patsy, we would love to see you and have you visit Australia! xx

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