NEW MUSIC: Michaela May – ‘Hook, Line & Sinker’

The brand new single from our good friend Michaela May is here!

Michaela May ~ “Hook, Line & Sinker” is a song about falling in love. I’ve always loved the phrase and thought it would be a more unique way to express the feeling when someone has you completely and utterly by the heartstrings. I wanted to write a happy, summer song that would hopefully make people feel good, as the constant news cycle throughout this past year has been incredibly upsetting and depressing. I wanted to write an anthem for the summer, a song that helps people escape and makes them feel excited about their life, significant other, family, anything! I just wanted to bring a bit of sunshine into a world that always seems enveloped by darkness.” Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Michaela May – ‘Hook, Line & Sinker’

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Michaela May ‘Loveaholic’

Here it is! ‘Loveaholic’ the brand new music video from Michaela May.

Here’s Michaela’s words on the release… “Loveaholic” is from my debut ROGUE EP and was written by myself and Heather Holley, who is a long time songwriter for Christina Aguilera and more recently Bebe Rexha and Skylar Grey. I wanted to create “an artistic, visual assault on the senses that represented a world of female pleasure and create this feeling of sexual freedom and empowerment. Sexual chemistry with another human can be an incredibly powerful thing and wanted to portray women embracing this and leading their lover through her desires in an artistic way.”  

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Mar 2, 2017: #MorningShow989 with special guest Michaela May


British / Canadian pop sensation Michaela May joins Brian Peel on the phone for a special #MorningShow989 interview and the Australian premiere of her new single You & I. We hear the latest in new music and get down and boogie with some #ThrowbackThursday retro classics!
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NEW MUSIC: Michaela May ‘Lights Out’

A word from Michaela May.. 

“‘Lights Out’ is about a relationship that has lost it’s spark and has gone stale. Neither party is getting what they need anymore. But even though times are tough, the song is about not giving up on the relationship. I wrote this song pulling from personal experience, but also because i think it’s such a common occurrence in long term relationships –  you both love each other but you’ve drifted apart; so how do you get back to being ‘crazy in love?’ ‘Lights Out’ was produced by Australian producer Tom Diesel (Danni Minogue/Russell Crowe).  This song is one of the most vulnerable tracks on the EP,  and like my previous single ‘1954’, I wanted to take a very common, real situation and experience, and put it into a song.  The video was shot in February. I wanted this video to have a sweetness to it, a vulnerability, but maintain the strength of not giving up and being determined to make the relationship work. The video was done entirely by Tom and myself. We wrote the treatment, found a warehouse to shoot in, I used my own clothes and just did the performance pieces against different projected imagery. Everything I’ve done in my music career is completely independent; self funded, self managed. It has been an evolutionary part of my journey as an artist and songwriter and I’m loving every minute! Look out for a new EP next month”

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Special Interview: Michaela May catches up with Michaela May.

Tell us how it all started. What had you first interested in music? From a very young age, I just remember loving how music made me feel. I remember listening to all my parents records: Michael Jackson, ABBA, Motown, Earth Wind and Fire etc. I listened on repeat for months on end, learning every word, dancing around12473760_10153266143486717_8526176258905903273_o my living room and bedroom, putting on shows for family, singing with my mum in car. I felt so happy when I was was listening to music. I also saw music bring people together and lift moods instantly and I loved that music was so powerful and universal. It is the ultimate communicator. Fast forward about 20 years and here we are!

What motivates or influences you in your quest to make great music? I think I just want to connect with people on a very real level. I’m motivated by connecting with others. If I can connect with even just 1 person through my music, that’s enough for me. As a songwriter, I want to express and capture how I feel in that moment but I also want to make people feel something and relate to my music when they listen to it. There is nothing better than listening to your favourite song that instantly lifts your mood after you have had a crap day! As far as influences, I’m always listening to all the great songwriters out there and learning from them. In pop music specifically, I look to Sia, Gaga, Bruno Mars, Taylor and Coldplay – they are incredible songwriters and artists.

What are your biggest goals you hope to accomplish as an artist? I would like to be an international recording artist, touring worldwide and performing as many places as possible! There is nothing better than performing live. But I’d also really like to continue to write for other artists as well. I have written for other pop acts in the past and I really enjoy the creative process of stepping into someone else’s shoes. Continue reading Special Interview: Michaela May