Oct 20, 2016: The Morning Show – 98.9 North West FM with special guests Bielfield & Christine Hawkins.

On The Morning Show this week, music from an era resembling a #PopExplnwfm-logo-t-edit-tb-copyosion plus special guest and co-host Bielfield joins me to chat about his latest EP Boom and Bust plus Christine Hawkins drops by to share her Children of Haiti community project.

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theaussieword.com goes one on one with the very talented Miami, New York and Sydney based artist Bielfield!f8aa633f0f11048cd1aab6df07823309
Tell us how it all started. What had you first interested in music?
As long as I can remember I sang songs.  I actually have home videos of me at age 2 belting in the highest chest voice you can imaging over my sister (poor thing) to Disney songs. When I was 8, the Florida Grand Opera took an interest in having me sing the solos in their productions, and all of the sudden it became a career.

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Bielfield ‘Blow My Mind’

‘Boom And Bust’ is the brand new 6 track EP from Bielfield featuring this latest single Blow My Mind, his debut single ‘Frequency’ which was released in September last year and the LGBT anthem, ‘Kings & Queens’. Producer/songwriter Lbielfield-boom-and-bust-2016-2480x2480ouis Schrool praises the uniqueness of this project. “Bielfield’s vocal ability is like no other. He’s got 5 octaves, so he can literally sing anything. It’s a joy to work with someone that talented. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a man singing whistle-tone, but that’s exactly what he does…It’s quite simply unbelievable.”

Living in his ‘adopted-home’ of Sydney since early 2015, Bielfield has spent time developing his pop musical-identity.

“It took a long time for me to work out the right style of music for me… The truth is, despite my classical training, the only music I really sit down and listen to is pure pop, R&B and rap music…I finally let my mind and creativity free, to become more myself – set loose the beast inside – and discovered a world of music I had only ever dreamed of creating.” 

Grab your copy of Bielfield’s EP here!