NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Bielfield ‘Blow My Mind’

‘Boom And Bust’ is the brand new 6 track EP from Bielfield featuring this latest single Blow My Mind, his debut single ‘Frequency’ which was released in September last year and the LGBT anthem, ‘Kings & Queens’. Producer/songwriter Lbielfield-boom-and-bust-2016-2480x2480ouis Schrool praises the uniqueness of this project. “Bielfield’s vocal ability is like no other. He’s got 5 octaves, so he can literally sing anything. It’s a joy to work with someone that talented. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a man singing whistle-tone, but that’s exactly what he does…It’s quite simply unbelievable.”

Living in his ‘adopted-home’ of Sydney since early 2015, Bielfield has spent time developing his pop musical-identity.

“It took a long time for me to work out the right style of music for me… The truth is, despite my classical training, the only music I really sit down and listen to is pure pop, R&B and rap music…I finally let my mind and creativity free, to become more myself – set loose the beast inside – and discovered a world of music I had only ever dreamed of creating.” 

Grab your copy of Bielfield’s EP here!

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