Sweet Silence, Debut Album from Award Winning Artist Ronny Morris

A man is kneeling down on a New York street, listening to the ground. Storm Thorgerson’s illustration (Pink Floyd) speaks volumes, as Ronny Morris opens his debut album with the words “I’m looking at a world stopped dreaming, there is fire in the sky, no meaning”. The native Dane, a family guy and dad of two, talks about his own vulnerability, mortality and the struggles we all face, finding our role in life, on his first full length album entitled, Sweet Silence.

When Ronny Morris set out to record his debut album it was with the dream of creating a classic rock recording, inspired by some of his all time favorite artists, such as The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, REM and many more. But as times changed the music industry, finding support for his recordings, proved difficult. Morris started out like many others, sending out his music to various record labels, and to larger film and TV production houses, such as Warner and Paramount. This led to several placements on major TV shows like One Tree Hill, Brothers and Sisters and the Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt, for which he received two Hollywood Music in Media Awards. It wasn’t until he connected with Swedish producer Adam Kviman “Eagle Eye Cherry, Jewel” etc. that his recordings started taking the shape of an album. Kviman, quickly understood Morris’s vision, and the team ended up recording live strings for the album in Prague in collaboration with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.
The Grammy Award winning mixer Steve Thompson best known for hiswork with bands like Guns N Roses, Metallica and the Rolling Stones ended up mixing the album in Toronto, Canada. It was mastered by one of Morris’s personal favorites, the engineer Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in New York.
Being Passionate about classic rock albums, Ronny Morris saw no other alternative than to personally reach out to the British legendary art illustrator Storm Thorgerson, best known for his amazing cover art for Pink Floyd. Stormloved Morris’s idea and his London based team started to create initial illustrations for the packaging. Unfortunately Storm passed away, before the cover was ever finished, so the Irish design team, Gary Kelly/Amp Visual, known for their exquisite work with Depeche Mode and U2, took over the project and finished what became the final sleeve design for the album release.
Inspired by electronic bands from the 80’s, Morris decided to team up with several DJ´s and house producers, creating remixes for what was to become the singles off the album. The first release “All About Love” proved its strength, and ended up on more than 35 compilations worldwide, including the world renowned “Buddha Bar”.
Besides being a passionate songwriter, Morris cares deeply for helping others in need. Growing up in a family struggling with both mental illness and alcohol abuse he felt a natural calling to help others. He would work night shifts at hospitals, bringing music wherever he went. It was here that a young Morris noticed that people in pain would find great relief, simply from listening to music, which is why he has collaborated with organizations like Musicians on Call and Greenpeace on several ocasions. Morris has worked alongside Coldplay and Sir Paul McCartney for the international campaign, Save The Arctic.
The Debut album Sweet Silence will be a CO2 neutral release. This means that the carbon emissions that resulted from the production of these recordings has been neutralized through an arrangement with The CarbonNeutral Company, by planting trees that absorb the excess carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

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