NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Ronny Morris – ‘Windows’

Ronny Morris who recently released his debut album titled, Sweet Silence is taking a spin on today’s world climate in a new video titled ‘Windows’ shot and directed by Aussie filmmaker Roderic Andrews, in Paris, France. Bombarded with mass media the western world seems more alert than ever before and Ronny Morris naturally raises the question “are we pursuing happiness today, merely gazing at life through windows?” The video with its dark gloomy look, paints a stark picture of a seemingly industrial age leading man into space. The video was edited by Norwegian filmmaker Lars Skaland and streams everywhere now.


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Sweet Silence, Debut Album from Award Winning Artist Ronny Morris

A man is kneeling down on a New York street, listening to the ground. Storm Thorgerson’s illustration (Pink Floyd) speaks volumes, as Ronny Morris opens his debut album with the words “I’m looking at a world stopped dreaming, there is fire in the sky, no meaning”. The native Dane, a family guy and dad of two, talks about his own vulnerability, mortality and the struggles we all face, finding our role in life, on his first full length album entitled, Sweet Silence.

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