Special Interview: TRAEDONYA

TheAussieWord goes one on one with Traedonya in a blog exclusive interview.

What can you tell us Aussies about you?  How and where did it all begin?  I’m a singer, songwriter, actress, record producer, entrepreneur and showgirl.  My musical journey started as a child.  I’ve been recording professionally, since the age of 13.  My first record was called “Do The Boogaloo”.  I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. What first got you interested in music?  My mother has always been a huge music and arts fan.  I’ve been to all types of music and arts events since I was around the age of five, all with my mother.  Mother, kept me in some sort of creative class, to keep me busy outside of school.  I fell in love with music at an early age. Who inspires or influences your quest to make great music?  My experiences, friends with their situations and just life in general.  There are so many things that inspire me to write and do good music.

Are there any tours or gigs planned for the future?  We are planning a few summer tour dates.  Hopefully, I’ll be hanging out in Aussie Land also.  That would be awesome! What are some of the biggest goals you hope to accomplish as an artist? To write great songs and feed the souls of music fans. What can fans expect from you in the coming months? I have several music videos coming out in the next few months.  All of the music videos are from The Remixes EP.  I recently did a new media commercial for Fanatic.FM, that people should be able to see soon. Success, what is the secret to success and what has been your biggest career highlight so far?  Being true to your self, is the true “key to success”.  So far, my biggest career highlight is opening up for the late, great, legend Etta James with my band “Sample This!”.  Another highlight for me, performing and playing in Moscow, Russia. 

Which current stars in the industry do you highly rate?  I love M.I.A , she’s awesome to me!  I dig TechNine!  I love his style, delivery and his grind. How would people best describe you and your music?  Out of the box and different from most. Tell us a bit about your first EP or album?  The EP that is out right now is called “I’ll Give It 2 U” The Remixes EP.  The EP is a global remix project with DJs and remixers from around the world and the US.  We are in production right now, with my album. Do you have any exciting projects in the works?  I’m working on my album and several other music projects right now. The industry is huge, where do you see yourself a few years from now?  Performing around the world and enjoying being part of this crazy music life.

Name a few of your favourite Aussie artists.   This is a great question, I have a very clear and vivid moment with a few friends, concerning a very famous Aussie group.  First off, growing up, my mother would listen to all types of music, Pop, Gospel, Soul, Punk,Dance and Punk.  Men at Work got some really good play in my house, my mother loves them and I learned to love them too.  One evening, my manager A.K and I were hanging out in London with a friend who hung out in this Australian pub, just outside of Picadilly circle.  We went into the pub and chilled for a few hours.  They had a really nice sound system in the pub and when Men at Works’  “Land Down Under” came on….maaaann, people went super duper uper nuts! Singing, raising their mugs and cheering with pride!  I fell in love with that tune all over again, that evening!  So, I love Men at Work and I loooove Kylie Minogue, she’s hot!  “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” is one of my fav Dance/Pop tunes, to this day.  That tune still rocks!

The shape of the music industry has changed significantly over the years, including the use of social media, how do you feel about the industry as a whole and what it means to you in getting your records out into the public eye?  The question of social media and the internet have conflicting sides to me.  I think that in a lot of ways, it’s helpful for exposure to music artists.  At the same time though, it’s over saturated and has made far too many people think that they can be real entertainers, just because they can throw stuff up on the internet.  Quality music is hard to find on the internet, because there is so much trash on it!  Plus, everything is so instant, there is no brewing time.  Where before, you could put out 3 to 4 videos a year, now it’s every month or so.  To me, the internet is out of control!  But, you have to move with the game and technology, to stay in the mix.

Thanks for the interview! What can you leave fans with here on TheAussieWord blog today?  Stay focused, do what your heart and soul move you to do.
·     Website:  http://www.traedonya.com
·     Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/TRAEDONYA

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