Special Interview: Scarlet’s Way

THEAUSSIEWORD.COM catches up with Scarlet’s Way.

How and where did it all begin for you? What drew your interest to the music industry?

Shayne: I grew up in a small town where all there was to do was play Football, I never was that good at Football haha. I started gigging in pubs on the guitar professionally when I was 14. Have been a musician ever since. 

Katey: I won my first Little Aussie Smilers comp when I was 3, I made it to the state competition to sing, but then cried and ran off stage. I’ve grown to love the stage a bit more since then haha, funnily enough even after that I’ve always wanted to do what I’m doing! It’s never really been a question, music has always been the one thing I am passionate about.

What motivates or influences you in your quest to make great music?

I guess firstly there is always the thought that the latest thing you’ve written is the best thing you’ve written. So there will always be that chase of trying to out write yourself haha. But it could be anything that motivates, a major event in life, being inspired by listening to great music, discovering new music that lights a fire in you – inspiration can hit at anytime and we always hope it leads to something great that we can be proud of.

What are some of your biggest goals you hope to accomplish?

I think the biggest goal is to keep doing what we do (being musicians) for our whole life. It’s not always an easy road, it can get bumpy and it’s shaken a fair few people off the edge. There’s always going to be the dream of Madison Square Garden and Wembley Stadium, which of course we have, but I think we have to remember that to someone who has never performed on stage (likely, many of the people in the audience), playing at the corner bar is an achievement.

What can we expect from you in the coming months? Any plans to tour?

We’ve been working really hard on a new album and we finally have it ready! After the release of our next single ‘Doin’ it for Love’ on November 18th – our album will follow shortly after! We have a heap of dates set aside for TCMF, with more dates around the country to promote the album. These will be announced on our website and socials, so stay tuned!

Tell us a bit about your latest release and how would you best describe your music?

Genre is such a weird term – we usually find it quite hard to sit in one box. We have a heap of influences, ranging from Blues to Country to Rock, so we try incorporate all of this in our sound! Our latest release ‘Doin it for Love’ is a Country Rockin’ tune. It’s all about being taken for a ride, the times when you’re promised the world and then let down immensely! It’s not all doom and gloom though, this song is very sassy and sarcastic, because if you don’t laugh about it, you’ll cry, right?

Give us an insight into your creative process. What gets you writing songs?

Katey: Could be anything that sets off a song idea! Shayne could say a sentence that I like and I would spend the rest of the conversation trying to keep listening and not write a song in my head while he’s talking. haha

Shayne: I like to see lyrics to get a musical idea, Katey likes a musical idea to inspire lyrics. It amazing we write anything at all! Haha but both ways have worked along the way.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music? 

Obviously our music means something specific to us, but we think part of the skill of song writing is to open a topic that many can relate to and form their own meanings within it. Although, generally there is a pretty strong topic behind most of our songs, I think we need that to get the process going.

Success, what is the secret to it?

Success is such a fluid term !Does anyone really know what it means? 
Success can be a mental state of being, where as others might measure it on money and social status.

I think this is why you’ll find so many people in the creative arts keep on chasing the dream until the end. You continually feel short spurts of success, after a great gig, after selling a painting or finishing a book. But there is always a drive in their heart that can’t be shut off, so the pursuit for ‘success’ rolls on.

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

There’s definitely a few things on the list! 

We played the Bluebird café in 2018 for Americana Fest in Nashville. Whenever we get to hit the road with the band, usually creates some fun memories. And a big one for us lately that we’ve been working towards is our new album release!

Which stars of the music industry do you find inspiring?

So many amazing artists putting their music out there, all heading down the same road together. We honestly find everyone around us in this industry inspiring for chasing that dream. Independent artists also have the worry of financing their release, knowing it’s probably not coming back. Seeing others do it definitely inspires us all to keep going.

Are there any new projects in the pipeline?

It’s all ‘Doin it for Love’ at the moment, but the album is hot on it’s heels! There’s a lot happening actually with gigs and performance opportunities that we can’t wait to share! As we said before, stay tuned on our website and socials!

The music industry is constantly changing, where do you see yourself a few years?

It’s definitely a fast-moving industry, people have claimed to have learned it’s secrets, but we don’t think even the best crystal ball could work out where it’s heading. What we do know is performing music live in front of an audience is where we feel the most magic. As long as there are audiences that still love the energy of a live show, that’s where we will try to be.

What is your favourite and least favourite part about this line of work and why?

This is a great question. The thing is, this isn’t just a “line of work”. If it was, you would run away from it screaming, because unfortunately the negatives far outweigh the positives as a job. What it is (to us anyway) is a way of life, and we love it. 
To be recognised in the street, to have people clap after you strum the final chord, to hear someone sing your song and to stand in front of thousands of people and capture their attention all at once is magic.

Cons you say? Now, if that could just pay the rent at some point, that would be awesome hahaha

Mentally it takes SO much determination to not give up. Online there are so many trolls and critics, you’re always going to wonder why you didn’t get that festival spot/chart position/award. After you tip your heart, soul and lots of money into your career, the judgement seems so much harsher, even if it’s not intended that way.

So all in all, this is kinda what gave birth to our last single ‘Ride On’. Through all the negatives listed above, we couldn’t imagine doing anything else, it’s who we are.

Name a few of your favourite Australian artists.

So many amazing aussie artists out there! We love John Farnham, Cold Chisel, Crowded House (We’re claiming them haha), Tommy Emmanuel, Kasey Chambers, the list could go on forever! 

The shape of the music industry has changed significantly over the years, including the use of social media, how do you feel about the industry as a whole and what does it mean to you in getting your records out into the public eye?

There is always going to be growing pains. There are so many pros and cons with this as well. We really love how easy it is to connect with people via social media, it really helps us stay relevant and in touch with fans that you may only be able to play for on an international tour. It always blows our mind when someone from Germany or the USA sends us a message to say they love what we do! Social media is very cool for that. Although, having a flood of free entertainment delivered straight to your fingertips is unfortunately going to impact record sales and paying for music. Being that both of us wish we were born in the 60s, I think a part of us will always long for how it was, getting a crowd to your gig not through a Facebook event, but by putting your posters up all over town. The days when it was all about packed rooms and live music!

How will you continue appealing to the international market?

Although there is a lot to be said about the online world and how everything is so accessible – it is a great way to stay in touch with music fans from all over the globe, it really is a big plus, especially when we live so far away!

Do you collaborate with others? Who is on your wish-list?

We have attempted to co-write a few times, although everything we have released so far has been the two of us co-writing together. There are so many great songwriters that we would love to witness at work! John Mayer, Billy Joel, Neil Finn, Jason Isbell… 
As musicians, we would happily sing or play with anyone! Collaboration in that sense is one of the most fun things about music.

What advice do you give for other artists wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Shayne: Oh man this question! As someone who teaches guitar and lectured music, I had to ask myself this every day. I would say straight off the bat that overall, I love what I do and wouldn’t change it. I would make sure people realise it really is a lifestyle choice and definitely not a ‘job’ that is going to pay you xxx amount per hour. It is amazingly rewarding and equally frustrating, but at the end of the day I know, regardless of what I say, that person is either bound for the arts industry or not. When someone wants it, there’s no talking them out of it, and that’s awesome!

Katey: Do what makes you happy. It’s an unforgiving industry at times and can sometimes feel like you’re getting nowhere fast. But if you love what you’re doing and you’re being yourself within the music you put out to the world, then you’ll never regret trying. Because at least you gave the world YOU and not someone you were told to be.

A message for your fans. How do you best interact and respond with your followers and fans?

We love you! We have such amazing supporters and are so grateful they are coming along for the ride with us. Performing for you guys is a highlight for us and we hope to catch up with you all at a gig soon! In the meantime, tune into our Facebook lives, check out our YouTube channel and stream away on Spotify!

Any last words?

We really hope you love the new song ‘Doin it for Love’! Crank it up and we’ll see you on the road soon! Thanks for the chat Brian! 😊

Website: www.scarletswaymusic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/scarletswaymusic

Instagram: www.instagram.com/scarletsway

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